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Week of October 5, 2015

Our Mission:

"We provide students with the abilities and skills to cultivate independence, build character and empower them to reach their highest potential.”

We are a team of highly supportive and trained professionals defeating daily challenges like superheroes!

September 15 to October 15 Click here for activities

Editor Miss Debbie O'Brien, "Carpe Diem!"

This week's Teaching Tool

How to Deal with Change at Work: 3 Steps to Success


Thursday, Oct. 15th, 3:30pm

This is an online event.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

SGO information from NJ Achieve. Must Read!

Quote of the Week

Thank you to Ms. Sanders for giving us this quote of the week (see below)!
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Information Station!

Stay tuned for things you need to know to plan your days.

1. Stop by Miss O'Brien's room for Google Doc Training with Mr. Kamau every Wednesday from 2pm to 3pm. Learn Google Docs and Earn Professional Development hours!

2.Harvest Fest is scheduled for October 14th and 15th (rain date October 16th). If you are participating and need supplies, email Miss O'Brien by TODAY, so we can stock up in time!

3. All teachers: SGO's are approaching! Check the Google doc Calendar for upcoming due dates. And remember: SGO's must be approved by Mr. Kamau before administration.

4. NJ Safe Schools Training is back. See below for information on due dates, and accessing your account.

5. The BIGGEST LOSER has begun! See below (under Health Watch) for details.


Jakeem Mars: 65 Sit- ups

Armando Miranda: 23 Push- ups

Jasmine Miller: 52 on the Sit and Reach

Serrano Santy: 8.9 on the Shuttle Run

Jonathan Waydig: 7.04 on the Mile Run

Kyndel Chisolm: 21 on the Pull/Chin Ups



This year we will continue the mandatory professional development trainings through the online portal called NJ Safe Schools.

The link to access the online portal is as follows:

The username for each staff member is their district email address.

The expectation is that these trainings will be completed by each staff member prior to October 31, 2015. Mid-year hires are expected to complete the mandatory trainings within 60 days of their start date.

At the conclusion of each course, there will be a short multiple choice quiz. After successfully completing the quiz with a score of 80% or greater, the staff member will be able to print out a certificate of completion, which they can print and upload into the Genesis Employee Portal.

Tech Tips with Miss O'Brien: This Week: Google Docs Trainings

Stop by my room on Wednesdays from 2pm to 3pm for Google Doc training with Mr. Kamau. Learn Google Docs and Earn Professional Development Hours (Domain 4)!


Ms. Jeitner will be conducting STAR testing for students this year. Please email her when a new student is placed in your class. Thank you!

SLE Update!

Ms. Mangus would like everyone to know that students who are currently employed and wish to be added to our SLE program should contact her right away!

The follow students were very successful in gaining employment over the summer. Ms. Mangus will be working with their parents, employers and send districts in an effort to move them on to the SLE program.

Nasziere Day

Maniah Cauthen

Carlie Porter

Ann Hernandez

Spanish Factoid of the Week with Ms. Sanders


As you are all aware, it is Hispanic Heritage Month and we are doing some very interesting things in class to help our students be more aware of the positive impact of Hispanics in our country. As such, we would like to cap off the month with a celebration that includes some music, some food and some fun!

Unfortunately for me (the new girl!) I wasn’t here to write this into the budget last year so, alas, I have no funding! Not one to give up, here is what I purpose:

What: Fiesta!!

When: Friday, 10/16 during 6th and 7th period

Who: All students taking Spanish and others who are specifically recommended by a staff member.

How can you help? Any staff member who makes a minimal contribution of $10 to help cover the general cost of the food is welcome to come and enjoy a fine sampling of authentic Hispanic food representative of Mexican, Puerto Rican and Cuban cultures! (All donations needed by October 2nd)!

If you can’t come to the fiesta, but would still like to support the effort, please see me in room 124. Please help make this a memorable event for our kids!!

Mil gracias,


Laugh of the Week- from "Non Campus Mentis"

"Freud opened the door to people understanding what it is to open your own mind instead of having the thought that others had already."

Culinary Arts Corner


If students are going to use a voucher for a lunch meal Ms. Heather will need to get the voucher a day in advance so she can prepare for it. Please email Ms. Heather names of students who will be receiving it. Thank you.

This Friday- beef chili with tortilla chips and corn bread

Desserts- assorted cookies, muffins and crumb cake

Next Week's Menu:

Soups – cream of spinach and stuffed pepper soup

Salad - Flank or chicken Caesar salad

Tuesday – general tsos chicken over rice with a veggie

Wednesday –chicken pot pie with a side salad

Thursday – meatball subs with fries

Friday – tuna hoagie with chips and a pickle

Knighton's Notes

Friendly Reminders on Incident Reporting:

* For Incident reports: In the subject line, include the student's first initial, last name, and date.

* When signing the report, please sign next to the signature box where you type your name.

*Incident reports are legal documents, and have the potential to become court documents. Please remember to do a spelling and grammar check.

*Submit incident reports by 2:30pm.

* Stick to the facts.

Other Notes:

*Our suspension list is now on the Message Board. If a student is suspended, teachers will mark the student as absent, and the office will take care of marking it as a suspension.

*ABC Program: Students who wish to cash in their vouchers for fries in Smitty's Café will have to follow the procedure for requesting a meal (i.e. utilizing a voucher, getting approval and scheduling with Ms. Heather in advance).

Upcoming October Birthdays!

Zaira Davis: 10/11

Anthony Charry: 10/26

Jack Cottrell: 10/30

Bulletin Board Assignments 2015-2016


CORE LOBBY (Current Events)

Supervised by: Ms. Jeitner

Volunteers from the Senior Class






GYM ENTRANCE (Across from Restrooms)

Sept-Oct: Glover & Ruff

Nov-Dec: Newton & Martin

Nov-Dec: Snow & Austin

Jan-Feb: Moreland & Moses

March-April: Bonne-Annee & Charry

May-June: Cadmus & Blumenfield


Sept-Oct: Verlander

Nov-Dec: Lowenthal

Jan-Feb: Davis

March-April: Herron

May-June: Robinson

Attendance - Books - Conduct

Our foci are Rigor - Relevance - Relationships

The Biggest Loser

Biggest Loser #1 will begin Wednesday September 16th and run through November 25th. Cost is $10. to join. Each week, if you lose or stay the same you don’t pay, if you gain you pay $2. Come join us on our quest for wellness.

The links below will connect you to Google Docs we use at Lumberton