Hoping these tips and tricks are helpful while you are working from home planning lessons for distance learning. This Issue is all about ease of access!!

Pin Tabs in Internet Browsers

Pinned tabs allow you to keep your favorite websites just a click away!

Open your browser of choice, go to the website you wish to pin, right-click on the browser tab, choose Pin or Pin Tab and now that tab will load every time you open that browser. To unpin, right-click and choose Unpin or Unpin Tab.

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Reopen a Closed Tab in Web Browsers

Have you ever accidentally closed a browser tab? Did you know you can reopen it once closed?

Hotkeys: CTRL + SHIFT + T

Or you can right-click on any tab, choose "Undo Close Tab" (Firefox) or "Reopen closed tab" (Chrome).

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Incognito or Private Browsing

When you visit a website in "private or incognito" mode, your browser won't store any history, cookies, form data - or anything else.

*You can use this when you want to be logged in to Seesaw as a teacher to assign activities and then you want to sign in as a fictitious student to see what it will look like on the student end.

Right-click on the browser of choice and select its option for private browsing - Chrome is incognito, Firefox is New Private Window and Edge is New InPrivate Window.

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Pin Frequently Used Files

In any Microsoft Office product you can pin files to the top of your Recent list. This is a great option to have the files you use frequently quickly accessible!

When you open a Microsoft Office program and see your list of "Recent" files, hover over the file you want to pin and click on the pushpin image to the right of the file. That file stays at the top until you unpin it.

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Quick Access to Folders in Windows 10

Do you frequently save documents to the same folders? Tired of searching for where that folder is? Quick Access gives you an area in File Explorer (yellow file folder) that allows you to pin your frequently used folders so you can find them easily.

Open File Explorer (yellow file folder), navigate to the folder you want to add to the Quick Access section, right-click on the folder, and select "Pin to Quick access." To remove, right-click and unpin.

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Pin to Taskbar

Programs on your computer can be pinned to either the Start menu or the Taskbar for quick access.

Search for the program you want to pin using the search box or click on the start menu and scroll through your list of programs. Right-click on the program and choose either "Pin to Start" or "Pin to Taskbar." The Start menu is accessed by pressing the Windows Start icon (bottom left of screen) and the Taskbar is the bar across the bottom of your screen.

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I am available during the day to assist you in any way I can. I will have "virtual office hours" Monday-Friday from 1:00-2:00pm.

In addition, I am always available by email or if you need to call me I can send you my number.

Let me know how I can support you!!

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