Spartan Scoop #12

November 13, 2015

Building News:

  • PBS Lesson for Next week: Cafeteria and Respectful, Spartan Skill #27
  • Please read the PBS Committee Minutes that were shared with you in Google Docs.
  • Reminder of Behavior Management Items needing to be addressed by teachers: Students that travel from classroom to classroom during the day for resources/alternative schedules need to be traveling quickly and not roaming the hallways. If your student is one that needs an escort please make sure this is followed.
  • Give your students a reminder lesson on Morning Procedures regarding Breakfast and the Gym. We have several students that go into the gym then leave for Breakfast. This causes students to take longer to get finished in the morning. Please remind students and if it becomes an issue those students will need to fill out a Think Sheet, etc..
  • Intruder Drill was cancelled for Friday. We will conducted a Fire Drill at 8:45 in place of this drill. Look for the document Mr. Samuel will share with you about Intruder Drill Procedures to communicate to students. We will let you know of the date for the Intruder drill prior.
  • Subs are still short-- Please try to pre-arrange subs if possible.
  • Social Committee Items:
  • Support Staff Recognition is on November 18th. Angie and Dave will be responsible for this event.
  • Tuesday November 24th-Thanksgiving Feast (carry in). There will be a sign up sheet on the refrigerator to determine what everyone is bringing. Gobble Gobble!!
  • News from the Nurse!Fourth and Fifth grade teachers we will be having our Human Growth and Development Film on the afternoon of November 24th. Letters for parents will go home on November 13th.

  • November 18th-- The Music Man Assembly will be directly after our morning assembly. Turn in your lunch counts on the 17th in order for lunch to be turned in on time.

  • Lady Greyhound Readers will be here 11/20 :) Schedule is shared on Google Docs-- Thank you Mr. Samuel!

  • News from Music! The 4th Grade Performance will be on November 16th at 6 pm. This will not be performed for the entire school.

  • Important Info from our Literacy Coordinator:

    Next week for Young Readers' Week, we will hold our first RC Challenge.The top classroom per grade that is most improved by % (M-F) will receive a classroom treat on Monday afternoon! Winners will be announced at the a.m. assembly Monday. If our building earns 3,000 points total for the week, Dave & Angie will dress as Wimpy Kid characters on Monday the 16th!!!


    PLUS 1-We will start the Wednesday RC assemblies on December 2nd.

    Teams need to send Brandy student names for the Dec. 2nd assembly.

  • PBS Information: 2nd Quarter PBS Success

    What: Movie (Grade levels choose a “G” rated movie)

    When: December 14-17

    Who: Those students who are successful with PBS for 2nd quarter (October 19 - December 18) without a major or minor referral (including BUS)

  • Office Storage Room: A huge thank you and shout out to Vicky and Melissa for working on clearing out this room! We are also thankful for the mats Mr. Howen shared with us from his supplies. Our goal is to remove all of the cabinets and have an open space with a soft area and a few desks. This area can be a Safe Room for students when needing an area free of large furniture to keep the student safe.

  • Remember to put in your attendance and lunch count PRIOR to Spartan Time/RTI!

  • Parent Involvement Nights-- The end of the first semester is December 18th-- please make sure to have this activity planned and placed on our Google Calendar before this date. Third grade has completed this requirement.

  • MPS 2 Forms need to be filled out in a timely manner. Dee has had to do a lot of tracking down for events that are have been on the calendar for the year. Take time to get your paperwork done prior so you are not scrambling afterwards.

  • Wellness Winners Announced by Coach Bell:

    Jeans sticker winners:




    Sara M



    Sonic winners


    Ashley F




    Emily E

    Congrats to everyone! Keep up the good work!

    I will put Sonic coupons in your mailbox and Melissa will take care of getting you a jeans sticker!

  • From the District: When you shop at Amazon you can earn .5% back on all purchases to be donated to the Moberly Public School Foundation. To participate just log on to - then log in as yourself (or create a log in if you don’t already have one.) It will ask who you would like to send your donation to and you can search for Moberly Public School Foundation, and then shop away. All proceeds will go back into our schools. Through fund raisers like this we are able to increase the number of mini grants and super grants. There is no additional cost for you and we earn money for our district on items you were going to purchase through Amazon anyway…it is a win/win!!

Curriculum News:

  • Envisions Log-In Directions for all teachers from Mrs. Herron:
  • 1. Go to Pearson SuccessNet at the following URL:

    2. Once on this page, you will need to click on the "Register Here" button and then click on "Register" under Teachers.

    3. You will now be asked for a school code. The code and the name of the school is below. You will have to type in the name of the school after you enter the access code and find the school name in the list provided.

    Access Code: 48-19-60

    School Name: Gratz Brown Elementary

    Now you will need to complete the rest of the registration with your information. Once you are done, you can login at the same address as above. On your first login, you will be asked to select the textbook resources for your classes. Then it will ask you to add selected products to an existing class/group.

    You do not have classes at this point. You can just click on the Home tab at the top to go the main page.

    You will see the resources for the grade level you selected and you can now access them. Let me know if you run into any issues or problems. I would be happy to help you. Thanks.

  • Star Testing Window and Winter DRA Window open soon! Check your Google GBE Calendar!

  • Students are able to take Reading Counts quizzes in the computer lab in the morning starting at 8:05. Six Flags papers have been sent home and are due back on Feb 22. Students can see Mrs. Rivera if they need a paper. All papers can be turned into Mrs. Rivera when completed. Students who turn in their completed Six Flags form will earn 30 minutes of extra recess.

  • SLO's will be organized on Friday in the shared folders. I will double check to see if things have been shared correctly. Think sharing the folder wasn't enough. I have to share each individual doc.

  • Dave spent time this week looking over SLO's using the checklist. If we see anything we will come to you individually.

Staff Birthdays!!


Tymica Wright-10th

Richelle Childs-13th

Jessica David-14th

GBE Calendar Items:

The Week Ahead:

Monday, November 16 –


Spartan Tutoring -- Reading Starts today for 4th graders working with Mrs. Forsythe

District Tech Committee at 4:15

4th Grade Performing Arts Program at 6 pm

Tuesday, November 17 -

Sped Staffing 7:45

4th Grade Care Team

RTI Math Begins today

Google Doc Training Today after school

Wednesday, November 18 -

High School Music Assembly at 8:45

Support Staff Recognition Day!

Spartan Tutoring

Thursday, November 19 -

7:45 GBE Literacy Meeting

ICC at CO 4pm

Google Doc Training Today after school

Friday, November 20 –

Faculty Meeting at 7:45

United Way Jeans Day

Lady Greyhounds Read at GBE;Glow Stick Dance in Gymnasium-- staff volunteers needed;4th & 5th Grade Chili Dinner Fundraiser/Flag and Craft Auction;

Fundraiser Pick up at the dinner


Tuesday, November 24th Picture Retakes starting at 9:00; STAFF Thanksgiving Carry-In-- see the sign up sheet in the lounge! Gobble Gobble!!

Lollipop Moments

Lolipop moment for Ashley Patrick I really appreciate her taking time to help 4b with math RTI she went above and beyond to help us!


Kuddos to Gabe and Beth! I heard some strong collaborative conversations taking place this week at the 3rd Grade Care Team meeting. You two offered interventions and insight on students that you share in third grade. Great to see and hear conversations from RTI time with students surfacing in these discussions. Angie-

A BIG Thank you to Kristin Bell for organizing the STEAM data that is from two of our fourth grade classrooms being gathered for a study in connection with Mizzou.

Coming Soon Google Site Training:

This Training will take place after the training that Ashley shared out today for Google. I will send out a link, titled Google Site PD, for you to RSVP to if you have not changed your school website over to a Google Site. I will offer more than one training.

Please make sure if you already have your Google Site set up that you are working to link your newsletter to this and the parent newsletter in order to save paper usage. Most parents have a smart phone and prefer this to the paper copy sent home in the Friday folder. PLEASE-- do make sure to send home a hard copy to families that you know do not have WiFi.

CLT Agenda for 11/9/15

  • Share outs! Success you have seen?
  • What are our Norms and Roles for CLT? Do you have your Team CLT Norms/Roles in place? Are they being implemented each week?
  • Star Instructional Group
  • CWG dates to work: What do we work on? How is this time used effectively?
  • Math RTI discussions or need to knows?
  • Star Progress Monitoring Calendar/RTI Calendar-- Thank you Ashely P.!!
  • Math RTI starts next Monday! What do we need to have in place to be ready? Groups? New students? Supports?

Thought for the Week: What is your definition of TEAM?

"Put Me In Coach"

John Fogerty - Centerfield

How many of you remember this song? What does it mean to you?

Coming from a baseball family my entire life has been filled with baseball metaphors. I guess, you could say, I never really grew tired of them. Instead, I grew to admire the invisible bond and strong team connection that I was able to witness throughout my life through baseball. First as the younger sister of a baseball fanatic, who is still to this day, and today as the mother of a teen whose love for the game grew from his own love and admiration of his uncle, that long ago big brother of mine.

Now, don't get me wrong, my "big brother" was hard on me and always helped me know that getting pushed down only gave me the opportunity to get back up and try again, but only better the next time. This drove me nuts and I whined A LOT, and he would push me down A LOT. Then remind me often that there is no crying in baseball.

Yet, I always went back for more baseball lessons with him, because really, more than anything I wanted to have that same great invisible bond and feeling of success that I could see between him and his teammates. The "Love of the Game" was naturally instilled in my son as he watched this same bond from the dugout while his uncle coached his own college team. Now, when he walks on the field as a player, I see that same electricity in the air around him and his teammates. A bond that is not made of ONE, but is synergized and brought together by those nine players on that field, and the ones in the dugout ringing out with words of encouragement for their teammates.

Why do I write about this topic in a newsletter meant for all of us at GBE? Simple, we are a TEAM. That same synergy is in the air every day as we work together to ignite that same fire in our students to desire to be a part of something more, to grow and to ultimately succeed in one way or another.

I witnessed the best examples of this through baseball-- you may feel pushed down, but get up and try again. Reflect, what can you do differently to make your game better? What about your team? After all you do this together, not as one. Take the critiques and the coaching sessions and use them. It only can make you better. Be open to this and let it drive you. Allow yourself to be coach-able and to learn to empower and coach others. Always remember you can grow and learn more. After all we are a Team-- not only a common group, but an action- TEAM -verb

  1. come together as a team to achieve a common goal.

    synonyms:join (forces), collaborate, get together, work together;

    unite, combine,cooperate, link, ally, associate
    They teamed up together to accomplish a common goal.
    "Put Me In Coach I'm Ready to Play, Today!"