shop saftey

come learn shop safety

history of shop saftey

shop safety is very important because with out shop safety people would be getting hurt.

Workers must be mindful of safety hazards when working with or around tools and equipment. Many types of injuries are possible within a shop environment but workers who think and work safely can avoid these hazards.

Consider the following safety concerns:

Eye Protection

Respiratory Protection

Proper Clothing

Safe Work Practices

Hand Tool Safety

Fire Prevention

First Aid

Marks: 1

Gloves should be worn when removing a piecework froma machine when the piece could be _______. (choose all that apply)

Choose at least one answer.

a. hot

b. loose

c. odorous

d. sharp


Which of the following does not provide adequate eye protection for general shop tasks?

Choose at least one answer.

a. prescription eyeglasses

b. sunglasses

c. face shield

d. goggles


When is it not acceptable to wear long sleeves in the shop?

Choose one answer.

a. When they are rolled up to the elbow.

b. While cleaning a chemical spill.

c. While operating a lathe.

d. While welding.


Connect the extinguisher class rating to the proper combustible.

Class D metals such as magnesium, titanium, and aluminum

Class B"liquids" including gasoline, natural gas or grease

Class C electrical shorts such as a frayed wire arcing to a flammable material

Class A organic materials such as wood or paper


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