ECC and PPCD Adventures

November 10, 2014

Fall activities blew in with the cooler weather. This week your child will learn about leaves changing colors with the seasons. We will have active math games to work on numeral recognition. And, don't forget to check out our message board next week! We have worked so hard on letter recognition and letter sounds and now they are ready for the next challenge- SIGHT WORDS! We will begin starting a "collection" of sight words as we continue incorporating sentences into our morning messages.

Book Fair and Library Events

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Our Library Days...

Our class just LOVES going to the library! Our wonderful librarian always has fun songs, books, and activities planned for us to explore and the kids have a blast!

Did you know that your child picks out his or her own book? Many of the students are already learning to use shelf markers to mark the space where a book they are considering selecting belongs. This may seem like a small thing, but what they are learning is to pause and think before just picking the first book they see. They are encouraged to look at the pictures and see if this is a book they would like to read more about. Many students are selecting books based on a favorite author or a series they enjoy. Sometimes they may pick a book that is too wordy or complex, and other times they may pick a book that is too easy, but from these "mistakes" they learn to fine-tune their preferences.

On that note, if a student does choose a book that is very long or a bit too complicated, I would recommend either reading the book in sections (the students LOVE finding scraps of paper to use as bookmarks) or just doing a picture walk through the book and talking about what you see in the illustrations. Thanks for all you do to enspire a love of reading in your children!

Book Fair Events...

Nov 18- Special Guest- Geronimo Stilton 6-7:30 pm

Nov 20- Our class visits the Book Fair

Nov 10-29 Online Book Fair

Nov 17-21 Book Fair

Feel free to take your child to the Book Fair before or after school. Please check the library's website or facebook page for a more complete listing of events and times.

Last Week's Adventures

Spirit Days

Wear your Kay Franklin shirt on Mondays

(or blue/red for school colors)

Wear a college shirt on Fridays

Important Dates

November 18: Math & Science Night 6:00-7:30 pm