Nutrition PBL Service Project

From Science to Serving

Natalie Lopez and Ali Gentry

The Start of Service

In November 2012, Mrs. Martin and Mr. Byrd announced to their GT Biology classes that the next project we would be doing is a Nutrition PBL. Instead of just learning about nutrients, food groups, and healthy eating, we kept a record of the food we ate, how much nutrients and how many servings of each food group we consumed over three days. As we observed ours, we also studied that of the people in Peru. We compared our eating patterns with the Peruvians and then compared that to the recommended amount of servings for a healthy diet. When we saw how far off, especially the Peruvians were, from a healthy diet, we decided to make a change. That change was to raise money to give them better food and eventually a better life!

Peru and It's Food

Our Plan

After all our research we raised awareness for the need to help the Peruvians. Families and orphans especially needed the right food for the right life.

Our plan was too:

*Send letters to the families/children that we were specifically assigned to

*Raise as much money as possible

*Send them the money so they plant an orchard and grow their own healthy food

*Develop relationships with the Peruvians

*Improve their quality of life

The People of Peru

What We Did

Together, 7 classes joined forces to raise money for the children and families in Peru. For many days, friends, family, and even students donated some of our own money, hoping to raise enough to make a difference for the Peruvians.


This money would be used to better their lives by sending them fruit, buying healthy food for them, and helping them grow their own orchard.

The Impact We Made

The impact was huge and so many have been and will continue to benefit!

*Many, many weeks of food have been provided for them, along with some fun American snacks for the specific Peruvian's who's diet was observed.

*The money allowed for 50 fruit trees to be planted to provide fruit for local families, food programs, and the Angel House.

*Many have had immediate impacts, but hundreds and thousands will be touched because of the service we provided.