Hydraulics Project

By: Robin and Ketan

Hydraulics Project Reflection

We have made a Judobot. A Judobot is a machine that can be controlled by water to fight other Judobot. We make the Judobot work by syringes. We are going to have 6 syringes or 3 pairs of syringes. One pair to lift up the arm of the Judobot, another pair to move the claw and a final pair to turn the Judobot. The materials we used to mak the Judobot were Popsicles, nails, screws, round base, glue gun, syringe, piping, wooden cylinder, and toothpicks. A challenge we faced while doing this project was Reuben destroying our project 1 day before it was due! One thing we would change about this project is keep our project in our locker, so no one will destroy our project. We felt that the project was stressful and Robin states that " it will be better if we did a quiz". This concludes our review.
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