Hankins Highlights

The happenings of Room 11.

Upcoming Events

Date: Event:

October 12 -- Columbus Day (No Students)

October 20 -- Field Trip

October 23 -- Grandparents Day

Our Learning

Math: This week we continued our discussions about geometry. Students compared shapes and numbers. We worked on identifying triangles and quadrilaterals.

Reading: Throughout the week we read a serious of fairy tales. Students identified the beginning, middle and end of the story.

Science: This week we focused on weather and climate. Students learned about fall and the changing of the seasons. We explored nature with our five senses.

Social Studies: We discussed the significance of Christopher Columbus.

Next Week's Learning Goals

Math: This week in math we will focus on number combinations. We will discover number combinations by exploring missing parts.

Reading: Our reading focus this coming week will be characters. Students will identify the characters in a story. We will continue to discuss the beginning, middle and end of stories.

Science: We will continue our discussion about seasons. We will discuss hibernation, migration and animal adaptations.

Field Trip Information

Thank you everyone who offered to chaperon the field trip. Unfortunately, we only have room for five parents. I sent home notices to those parents whose names were selected from the hat. If you did not receive a notice, thank you for your interest and hopefully you can join us on the next one. Thanks again!

Parent Teacher Conferences

It is that time a of year, parent teacher conferences! I will be sending out more information soon.