Diverse Perspectives in ELA

Discussion IV

Diverse perspectives in teaching

I will be sharing a classroom with another teacher, so I will work out with them what I can put on the walls. I definitely want to put posters of different authors who represent both diverse backgrounds and viewpoints. I may have a cart that I use to travel from class to class; I will put a safe space sticker on that. Or perhaps buy a pin I can wear everyday.

Teenage Heroes

A regular activity I will do weekly is "teenage heroes" in which we bring in information and talk about an inspiring teenager who is making a positive difference in the world. A first, easy candidate could be Malala Yousafzai. I would like to hand over the reins to my students after the first few weeks for them to make their own nominations and lead the discussion of what makes each teenager a hero.

The Diversity of the American Dream

Who gets to live the American dream?

The teacher who put together the curriculum map for English 9 this year has a loose connecting theme of "the American dream". Of Mice and Men and Nickel and Dimed are two of the major texts on the curriculum, which gives students a good perspective on how poverty derails the American dream. I would like to add at least one text that talks about how race relations and xenophobia can affect the American dream. Just Like Us is one text of several texts I'm considering.
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The Culture of Bishop Chatard

I will ask my students to help me out as a new staff member at Bishop Chatard. I will ask them to observe and explain the culture and customs of the school, even the things that seem most obvious. What must a stranger know in order to fit in and thrive?
Alternatively, I can ask my older students to write a guidebook to Bishop Chatard for the freshmen. What must a new student know to do well at BCHS?