Weekly News

Week 19

Welcome Back!

We are officially in the swing of things again, and we are about to start our 3rd nine week period. We have had a busy two weeks of testing and are beginning new units in every subject. Our Austin field trip was a huge success and the students learned a lot while I having fun. Read on for important dates and reminders.

Dates to Remember:

January 19th - No School

January 20th - Grit Day

January 23rd - Dinobeat - 9 Week Recognitions

January 23rd - PTA Dollar Days - Pajama Day

January 23rd - PTA Movie Night - The Box Trolls

January 21st - Symphony Permission Slips Due

February 18th - Symphony Field Trip

Grit Day - January 20th

Students will be learning about Grit which is one of the Wylie Way tenets. Grit is an important part of success for students. Please take a moment to watch the video below. It is quick, but explains so much about why having grit is important and the impact it can make on a student.
Carol Dweck - A Study on Praise and Mindsets

Symphony Field Trip

Permission slip and money is due by Wednesday, January 21st to Mrs. Gustavson. The permission slip is attached to the email with the link to this Smore. The actual field trip will happen on February 18th.

Math Update

We are finishing up Data Representation, and we will be moving on to Measurement next week. This is a fantastic time to talk to your student about units of measurement when you are at the grocery store, money when you paying for things, figuring out how much time as has passed, and measurement when cooking. These are all things that students have difficulty making real world connections to.

I will be sending out links in next week's newsletter with resources for your student to use while practicing measurement.

Science Fair

WISD is doing a science fair this year at the elementary school level, and we are really excited. I will begin talking to students next week about ideas and the different parts that will be due. The most important part of each student's project is that it must be measurable. They must be able to collect good data on their project. Please be on the look out for further information and due dates.

Green Team Magazine Drive

Our classes are now collecting magazines for the magazine drive. Please send any magazines that you would like to recycle with your student. They will be collected in our classrooms.