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Egyptian Photographs

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Forecast in Egypt

This next full moon should be a good one. Our priest have been predicting the weather and have found out it will be sunny with a chance of a sandstorm in the city of Thebes, be careful of sand in the air. If you see a sandstorm head indoors.

Alexander the Great

Our Glorious leader Alexander the Great bestowed Ptolemy as our new pharaoh and is off to the afterlife. Ptolemy was a noble general and was trusted greatly by Alexander. Ptolemy was a big help in the siege of Aornos before Alexander died.

King Tuts' Birthday!

In 1342 BC Today King Tutankhamun was born today, thank our current pharaoh for this interesting information. Today King Tut turned 1427 years old. We honor King Tut for changing our religion back to Polytheism.
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Jeremiah and his Jews

Jeremiah and a group of Jews came to Egypt because of the Babylons destroyed their First Temple In Jerusalem. Jeremiah was the son of Hilkiah (a jewish priest) Jeremiah was guided by a God to get to a foreign land (Egypt)
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A new gadget for Kids!

A small commoner named Erika Yetho. The toy is made out spun string and a wooden material formed into a cup and ball. To play the game you need to maneuver the ball in mid air only touch the handle of the cup. We interviewed our pharaoh and asked him his though on the gadget and he said it is a wonderful education tool for kids.
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Travel is on the Way!

Our amazing pharaoh has invented a genius idea. We will now have people driving chariots around the city as a service. If you have four bushes of wheat you can ask the driver to take you anywhere in the city. For 8 bushes of wheat he can take you to another city!
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Things are Happening

*Urgent News Here* Assyria planned a surprise attack on Babylon and the battle is in full force. Our pharaoh is planning on sending Assyria a message to prevent a battle with Egypt and Assyrians. Stay tuned in to Greeks Are In to figure out what is happening.
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Bread is it

Our lovely commoners have figured out a new efficient way to make bread. The commoners have figured a way to incorporate less ingredients and make more bread. They form the bread into thin disks then stick them into the inner oven to cook
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Tombs Being Robbed

Ramses II tombs been robbed and we think we might have a suspect! His tomb has lost all valuable items in it, we reccently visited his tomb and saw everything gone besides his mummy. We believe his grave stole his valuables because they know exactly where his tomb was.
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Priest are Confusing!

We recently found a tablet that has information telling us how religion went back to polytheism. The priest have persuaded and tricked King Tut into turing the religion back when he was young! We think this may have been a good choice because of the Egyptian people rebelling against monotheism.