costume scene investigation

1400 A.D.

mens garments

  • the clothing was made of wool, fabric, and cotton but usually was made of linen
  • Men in ancient Greece customarily wore a chiton similar to the one worn by women, but knee-length or shorter.

womens top garments

  • Lebanon were used by wealthy women
  • women sometimes were wore an epiblema
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greek headwear

  • Greek men wore hats for functional purposes, not fashionable ones.
  • pilos, petasos, and Phrygian caps were worn for work or travel by farmers, soldiers, and travelers.
  • Decorative headgear included wreaths made of natural branches or golden ornaments that were worn for special occasions and to signify great honors.

Mens and womens footware

  • The black leather senator's shoe or calceus senatorius had 4 straps. A senator had a crescent shape on the top of his shoes.
  • There was an impressive soldier's almost-knee-high dress boot with feline head, known asembromides
  • There were also house sandals or soleae

Greek accessories

  • the Greeks were the first people to make jewelry
  • the first accesories were made of shells

Greek military

  • Most Greeks wore breastplates made of bronze.
  • The Greeks developed armor to benefit these factors.