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Principal Newsletter- This Week December 14-19, 2014

SPOTS Due- Four Per Teacher due in the Schoolnet System

Please ensure your four spots per teacher are NOW input into the Schoolnet system and notify me when your campus (please check your assistant principal teachers as well) is complete. The deadlines and confirmation of successful Schoolnet entry is a vital component of ensuring TEI supervision. Your close communication with your teachers, assistant principals and the system is imperative through-out the process. Thanks for your teamwork!

ACP Visits- Monday-Friday (Assistant Principal Meeting Cancelled- Rescheduled January)

Monday, Dec. 15th, 7:30am to Friday, Dec. 19th, 5pm

Sunset Feeder

Assistant Principal Meeting- please bring a completed SPOT observation from a progressing and proficient teacher.

We are so proud of our assistant principals. They continue to pursue professional growth and are eager to collaborate as a feeder. Additionally, they were active participants in our division meeting and represented us well! Great work!

E.D. at Principal Assessment

Tuesday, Dec. 16th, 1-6pm


Principal Meeting with Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent and Executive Directors

Wednesday, Dec. 17th, 1-5pm

D A Hulcy Middle School, Dallas, TX, United States

Dallas, TX

Sunset Principal Gathering with E.D. at Bolsa

Thursday, Dec. 18th, 5pm

614 W Davis St

Dallas, TX

Feel free to bring a spouse/friend. Come and Go. We would like to spend some time celebrating our semester and each other!

Mid-Year Review Appointments

Please utilize Google to schedule your first Mid-Year Review meeting in which you will present your information (the information packet has been previously emailed to you and also uploaded on the site as well). Additionally, a second meeting is also required. You should schedule both by Tuesday or a remaining date and time will be designated for you. If you would like a meeting after-school on the designated dates, I am flexible (i.e. 4:00-6:00). Please let me know if you have any questions, remember the best-practice ideas we have discussed and shared at our last meeting.

This Week...

I will be visiting each campus this week to provide feedback on your ACP testing processes. As we discussed, please continue to utilize your active monitoring and individualized information to determine best-practices (i.e. language of testing, small groups, accommodations, age-appropriateness, use of current data, etc.).

Secondary Meeting with Greiner and Sunset (at Sunset) to Review December Principal and Data Meetings

Thursday, Dec. 18th, 3-4pm


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