Stonegate Staff News

May 13, 2016

Staff Recognitions and Celebrations:

  • Rebekah Wolff would like to thank and bless Windy, Coach, and Shannon V. for cheerfully coming into our classrooms on testing days. No matter who comes in my room, s/he is always respectful of our materials and our time.
  • Ms. Wolff would also like to thank our hallway monitor, Stacy, for always smiling, no matter how long the testing day runs. She would also like to thank our cafeteria monitors, Tijwana and Jennifer, for the high expectations you place on our students on silent lunch days. We appreciate knowing who did not meet your expectations
  • Ms. Wolff would like to thank Gena, Talana, and Frances for providing us with delicious meals on STAAR Days! (Frances – I LOVE chicken!)
  • Ms. Wolff would like to thank Martha for keeping up with her absentee friends and letting me know when I should worry about them!
  • Ms. Wolff wants to send a huge thank you to Becky, Sondra, Rita, and Angela for testing our small-group friends, and putting up with unnecessary questions or requests!
  • Ms. Wolff would like to thank all the non-STAAR testing friends who provided snacks and drinks for us! I felt your love for us in every bite of my brownie bite (a special thank you to THAT person!)
  • Ms. Wolff would like to say thanks to ALL of you who wished us well and kept our students in your thoughts and prayers. We know they are also YOUR students! She would also like to thank Talana, for the very smooth testing procedures, and for answering MY constant questions. You are the BEST!
  • Ms. Wolff would also like to recognize the tremendous job Nurse Carla has done to prepare our sixth graders for junior high. She has sent at least 3 immunization updates, organized a shot clinic, performed spinal screenings on each student, and updated all records to get them ready for the big move. Thank you, Carla!!! We appreciate you!!!
  • Gena would like to thank the entire staff for all of the wonderful things you have done this week to help each other get through STAAR: Thank you for bringing snacks for the lounge, packing the snacks for the students, words of encouragement for each other, all of the teachers that were testers and small group testers, all of the extra duties in the cafeteria, restroom breaks, and hall monitoring, Frances for getting our lunches ordered and brought in for us, and Talana for making sure everything ran smoothly! You are absolutely the BEST staff EVER! I appreciate you more than you will ever know!
  • Talana would like to thank the entire staff for creating a great testing environment for all of our students this week. From reading 3D to STAAR testing, everyone hung in there and played a part in making this testing season a success.

  • Gena would like to congratulate everyone that has played a part in working with our K-2 students in Reading. They have made so much growth in Reading 3D! You have made such a difference in their lives this year...You have ROCKED IT! You are amazing!

  • Angela F. would like to thank Monica, Sondra and Stacy for helping shelve almost 600 books in the last two days! My sanity is returning!

  • Ms. Wolff would like to say thank you, thank you to Sarah Oliver for another FABULOUS Enrichment Club season! Even with all Sarah had going on, she organized everything to ensure great times for all!

  • Ms. Wolff would like to thank Angela F. for taking the mountain of Enrichment club applications, sorting them, and organizing them into the spreadsheet! That was a HUGE job, and all of us on the SPARK team appreciate you! Also, thank you to Windy and Rita for organizing and distributing all the Enrichment Club confirmation slips!
  • Ms. Wolff would like to say thank you to my Games Club teammate, Katie Killip, for all her help! We had a small and cozy group, but she made every child feel so special by just talking and getting to know them! Thank you, Katie!
  • Ms. Wolff would like to say thank you so much to all of the Enrichment Club leaders! You made great memories with lots of kids in a short amount of time!

End of the year classroom things...

  • The cleaning crew will be cleaning your room during the summer so be sure your room is clean before you leave for the summer.
  • Pack things that you don't want to lose.
  • Be sure things are arranged and organized before you leave for summer break.
  • If you are changing rooms, all of your things need to be moved before you leave for summer break.
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What to Wear:

  • Week of May 17- May 20- No jeans due to award ceremonies
  • May 16-Everyone may wear jeans and their Stonegate shirts!
  • May 19- 1st grade may wear appropriate shorts or jeans and Stonegate shirts for their 1/2 day fun day
  • May 20- Kinder and 2nd may wear appropriate shorts or jeans and Stonegate shirts for their 1/2 day fun day
  • May 23- Professional dress... 3rd grade may wear jeans for their field trip
  • May 24- Jeans and Stonegate shirt
  • May 25- Jeans and team shirt or Stonegate shirt
  • May 26- shorts or jeans
  • May 31- shorts or jeans
  • June 1- Professional dress for morning at PMC/ shorts or jeans for afternoon
  • Important Dates:

    WEEK OF MAY 16


    Fundraiser Magic Show @ 9:00 (only for students that qualify)

    6th grade 1/2 day fun day
    K-2 meet with Deb and Sarah for R3D analysis Rm 15


    6th grade visits Buinger Center

    Awards- PreK @ 9:00

    Awards- PreK @ 11:30

    K-2 meet with Deb and Sarah for R3D analysis Rm 15


    Awards- Kinder @ 9:00

    Awards- 1st @ 1:30

    Detention- Maxwell


    Choir to NRH20

    Kinder EOY R3D Analysis @ 8:45

    2nd EOY R3D Analysis @ 11:45

    1st EOY R3D Analysis @ 1:15

    Awards- 2nd- @ 9:00

    Awards- 3rd- @ 1:30

    1st grade- 1/2 day fun day


    Awards- 4th @ 9:00

    Awards- 5th @ 1:30

    Kinder and 2nd - 1/2 day fun day

    Failure Forms Due

    WEEK of MAY 23


    Happy Birthday Sarah Oliver

    6th grade awards @ 9:00


    Talent Show @ 9:00


    Early Release for students/Last day of school


    Happy Birthday Teri Pate


    No school


    No school


    CI PD Day 1


    CI PD Day 2- We will begin our day at PMC from 8:00-11:00

    Positive Office Referrals:

    Week of May 16