Sean clynes


hand eye coordination

i have been playing street hockey for 9 years and i have good hand eye coordination for example if i see somebody i can quickly turn to them. also if they shoot a puck i can quickly catch it or block them. also if i am not on goalie because we have 2 i am center and i cant look at the puck i can only look at the opponents goalie so i need to know where the puck is at all time
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me and my sister make my parents cake on there birthday we have been doing it for 2 years and i am good at mixing it because i can handle it more than my sister and if we were using a whisk i can push it through the batter easier
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money manager

i am good at keeping money for stuff i need and what i want but i usually keep it safe in a hidden away from plain sight so i am really good at keeping some money for needs and wants and putting it in a safe place
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