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Are Preservative Juices Healthy ?

Now a days, with increase in standards of living , income and awareness about health, people have started taking more juices, shakes than earlier. Everyday my mother gives me either a glass of milkshake or a glass of juice. Fresh juices are good for health and give us energy but what about these packed and canned juices.

Most people in order to follow the trends get juices at their homes but they don't realize that the juices on which they are spending so much is not helping them instead can prove very fatal for them. These canned and packed juices , no doubt taste similar to the fresh juices. But they all contain preservatives.

Big companies boast of fresh juices but is it really possible for the fresh juices to stay fresh till twelve months ? What is the ingredient which makes these juices taste fresh even after months, those are preservatives.

Preservatives are not good for health. Protein Shakes taken by various bodybuilders are also not very healthy. These artificial ones have a lot of fat, carbohydrates and other unwanted artificial nutrients. One should try not to have packed protein shakes or regular milkshakes. Try to make them at home .

Even sugar is added to juices and shakes to make them sweet. Packet juices are not bad but they need to be taken rarely , they cannot become a substitute of the fresh juices. The packed juices though can provide you with instant energy and some vitamins and minerals but its regular usage can harm us too. Excess sugar can lead to diabetes , the amount of sugar added in these juices is quite a lot. In some canned juices, food coloring is also added to make the juice seem real.

There are many preservatives added in such canned juices. Preservatives like vinegar, sodium benzoate etc. are generally used to help these juices to have a longer shelf life. I would suggest that one should eat more fruits and vegetables to get roughage, vitamins and minerals. Fresh juices should be taken instead of packed ones. One should try and avoid maximum canned and packed foods.

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