July 1-9 2016


Sydney Opera House- Stop #1

Located on Bennelong Point in Sydney, Australia, this house of music is an architectural icon to see! The theatre is surrounded by water on three sides and the Royal Botanical Garden borders the south side. Visitors can have a meal at one of the restaurants or take a tour of the building to see the theatres, studios, and exhibit rooms.
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Great Barrier Reef- Stop #2

Did you know the Great Barrier Reef is one of the biggest living structures on Earth? This amazing sight stretches over 2,300 kilometers off the coast of Queensland. A diving and snorkeling tour will be launched off of Arlie Beach
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Blue Mountain National Park- Stop #3

This breathtaking park lies only 81 kilometers south of Sydney, Australia. It's name comes from the blue haze that numerous eucalyptus trees emit. More than 64,000 acres of land encompass bush land, painted rocks, and hiking trails.
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A typical light Australian breakfast includes porridge, cereal, toast, and fruit. A heavier breakfast would include traditional eggs, bacon, and toast. Vegemite is typically spread over the toast. Vegemite is a dark salty spread that is usually eaten in the morning.


Lunch is not a popular dining time in Australia due to the fact that many citizens fill up on their morning tea. If you were to eat lunch, you would make sandwich with anything you can find! Baked Beans, Vegemite, or even cold spaghetti can be used to make a sandwich.


Dinner is the biggest meal of the day for Australians. Australian dinners are "Americanized" for the most part. Popular dishes include barbecue, pizza, pasta, stir fry, and vegetables.

Specialty Foods

Meat pies and sausage biscuits are popular in Australia. ANZAC biscuits are also a specialty of Australia. They are made of rolled oats, flour, coconut, sugar, butter and golden syrup. Pavlova is a meringue cake with a light, soft inner layer complete with a crispy crust.
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Flights to Sydney

Delta Flight 1454 will depart of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport at 1:45 PM on June 29, 2016. Upon arrival to the Los Angles World Airport at 3:30 PM, there will be a 7 hour layer. At 10:35, Delta Flight 6798 will depart the Los Angles World Airport and arrive at the Sydney Airport at 6:20 AM the following morning.

Flights Home

On Friday July 8, Delta Flight 6799 will depart the Sydney Airport at 9:50 AM. The arrival of flight 6799 in Los Angles will be at 6:30 AM. Following a 2 hour and 30 minute layover, Delta Flight 80 will depart at 9 AM and arrive in Atlanta at 4:34 PM.
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Car Rental

A rental car will be available for pick up at 6:30 AM upon arriving at the Sydney Airport. A full sized sedan has been reserved for your pleasure. The car's gas tank will be half full, therefore you are expected to return to car's gas tank half full, so you do not incur any charges. The car is due back to Enterprise Car Rentals at 7AM on July 8th.
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The flight to Sydney will cost $2330.06. The flight home will cost $2330.06. After taxes and applicable fees, the rental car will cost $310.40. The hotel room in Sydney Australia will be $205.00 a night, totalling out to $1,435.

The total cost of the Australia trip is $6,417.52.*

*This does not include spending or food money.