This week in Online Learning...

Assignments for the week of Feb. 25-March 1

English 1 and English 2 Assignments

1A: Do the essay for "The Sniper." Then go back to Module 1: Do "Before Reading," Vocab, and Selection Quiz for "The Most Dangerous Game." Then, do the movie assignment. While you are watching the movie, write down the differences between the story and movie.

1B: In Module 3: Do"Before Reading," Reading Skill, and Selection Quiz for "My Papa's Waltz" Go on to Module 4: Do the Unit Test for poetry

2A: Do the essay for "Piano" "15" and "Tonight I can Write"; Go back to week 1: Do "Before Reading," Vocab, Lit Analysis, and Selection Quiz for "Harrison Bergeron."

2B: Go back to Week 1: Do "Before You Read," Elements of Nonfiction guide; Selection Quiz for "The Plot Against People"

Get moving!!!! Grades will be due again soon!

English 3 and English 4 Assignments:

3A: In Week 1: Before You Read, Vocab, Selection Quiz for "TheWorld On theTurtle's Back"; In Week 2: Before You Read and Selection Quiz for "Coyote and Buffalo"; and the Summarization project. If you have questions about the project, send me a message.

3B: In Week 3: Do the Scrapbook - Samuel Clemens assignment; Do Vocab and Selection Quiz for "...Mark Twain."

4A: Once you have finished and uploaded the essay for the poet that you chose, Take the test FOR THE POET YOU CHOSE - NOT ALL THREE POETS. Then,go back to Week 1: Do Questions of the Times, Anglo-Saxon and Medieval Period notes, and The Epic guide.

Progress reports will be coming up again in 1 more week! So get CAUGHT UP!

Send me a message on the website if you have questions! Email me or ask Ms. Hildebrand to text me and we will talk if you need extra help.