Malcolm X

By: Sha'Laine M

General Biography

Artist name: Malcolm X

Medium (or area of work or occupation): Rights Activist

Year of birth and Death: May 19, 1925 and February 21,1965 year of death

Region or nationality: African American


work that the artist is best known for is his auto biography a brief description of the auto biography it talks about his childhood in Michigan. It talks about how is father died while he was little and how his mother had a mental health breakdown which she had to go to a psychiatric hospital. Also, it talks about movement in Civil Rights which led to him going to jail for 8 to 10 years in prison which he served 6 in a half years (1946-1952) but before they could finish the book Malcolm X was assassinated.


Without Malcolm X civil right movement we wouldn't be in a classroom together or in a school together as one.