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The Romans are coming!

Julius Caesar and Cleopatra have fallen in love. Also, the Romans are in Egypt. If Julius marries Cleopatra, then Julius would become Pharaoh. The Greeks have told us that the Romans are terrible people because they want everyone to be Catholic, and take over the land of Greece and Egypt. Please have everyone keep a close guard and an eye on Julius Caesar and Cleopatra because we don't want Cleopatra to be murdered. Prepare your weapons for any fight or attack the Romans might start.

1 god or 1,000?

There are still debates on if there should be one god or many. Many years ago Akhenaten (also known as Amenhotep IV) declared that there should be only god and that was Aten (the sun god). Now we want to see what you think. Below this post, there are comments about if there should be only one god.
In my opinion, there should be one god to believe in because it would be so much easier to praise one god then many. Also, it would be much more organized with one god. Muhammed. Age: 15

One god? Definitely Not! Egypt is great with many gods because all of the gods use their powers to help us, and having one god, would be total chaos. Ammon. Age: 30

What's Cookin

Since Greece has conquered Egypt there has been a lot of new foods introduced to us Egyptians, like small birds and bread that was made with barley. The rich people are eating peacock eggs, Iris bulbs in vinegar, Roasted Hare. Some poor people just drank water, but if they had some money then they could add water to it.


Asim just one tournament for high jumping. They had to raise the barrier 10 times before he dropped, but no one has ever gone that far. He will definitely be put into the Guinness Hieroglyphics of world records.

Also Amen has now just lost the Weight Lifting Championships. Everyone though he could do it but he lifted the sack of sand 2 time but then he has down on the floor. More too come on this story later.


It is now 133 degrees outside and it is really hot. Also, small pox is back and it is extremely contagious. I would stay in your houses at all time and do not talk to anybody and don't share the same meals. Attention farmers, it seems like there is going to be another locust storm, so please do not go far out into your fields or gardens.

Breaking News!

  • How did king Tutankhamen really die? I know that everyone has been asking where the crazy teen Tutankhamen went. Earlier today we found evidence of king Tutankhamen's chariot down by the nile river. His chariot was severed in half an there were blood stains from very long ago. this makes sense since we found his body up the stream of the nile two miles down. It has been reasoned that King Tutankhamen passed away because of a chariot accident at age nineteen. It was tragic but now we know the truth.

Seriously Alexander?

  • Alexander the great, best friends with Ptolemy, or so we believe. Alexander gave up his throne and gave it to Ptolemy to go fight as a general but, as we uncover more of his secret was that the only reason he gave up his throne? Two weeks ago we found a journal that was titled, Diary of Alexander. When we opened it, all of the words looked backwords so we had scribes translate it. After two long weeks of translating we finally did it! When Alexander started talking about Ptolemy and how he didn't honestly like Ptolemy we understood. Alexander gave up his throne because he heard word that people didn't like the way Alexander ruled so they were going to kill him if he kept on ruling. He gave Ptolemy the throne not because he liked him, but because he didn't want to die.

Scared Criminal

Yesterday, a tomb robber went into Akhenaten's (also known as Amenhotep IV) tomb hoping to find treasures and riches, but he found something he didn't expect. Akhenaten's ugly body was found not mummified, and it was led to believed the reason was that no one liked the way he had ruled. We are still on the lookout for this tomb robber, but we are also grateful for his findings. Without the man who was in search for golden riches we would have never known the truth about King Akhenaten.

The Brand new Chariot X 50

The new chariot has very safe wheels made out of the finest wood. It has a comfy seat and comes with Ferrari horses sent straight here from Italy. It has fine cut wood which you can hire a scribe to customize it for you. It comes in ruby red or vibrant yellow. The cost is 10,000 shekels. Come now and we will take 9,000 shekels off. We are located just right out of Thebes.
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Is the money worth it?

Kids have recently told their parents that the teachers are making them work for them. The teachers are also beating the kids up if they mess up on their work. We pay our kid to learn and flourish at school, but instead we they come home with bloody noises and bruises. so next time you send you kid off to school, think twice.
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