January 11-15

The Buzz in Room 615!

Last Week

Welcome back! Last week was a great one, even though it took a few days for us all to get accustomed to our routines again. Here's an overview of what we did:

Writing: In writing this week, we mostly reviewed all of the various consonant/vowel digraphs and blends that we have learned thus far and practiced writing words and sentences independently through sounding out words. We're starting to really make a connection between reading and writing!

Reading: Readers Workshop continued with patterns this week, with an emphasis on the ways patterns help us be better readers. A lot of time was spent doing choral and independent reading.

Math: As a continuation of addition, we began learning all of the ways you can add to make ten. The goal is to have these memorized as a solid foundation for future math skills.

Social Studies: On Monday, we discussed what it means to make a New Year's resolution, and the idea of many people setting goals for the year ahead. Although our goals/resolutions were a little bit different than the normal, they were awesome! Some included getting better at football, being hydrated, and riding rollercoasters. :) We made these into hat crafts that are now hanging in the hallway!

Science: We finished out our unit on physical properties (finally!) by reviewing what we learned and doing a project where the students painted/created anything they wanted and then described its properties. We wrapped it up nicely with a discussion about why it is important to note something's properties - it helps you understand its potential uses, and scientists are constantly doing that!

Looking Ahead

Next Week

Reading/Writing: Some more emphasis will be on types of patterns and various writing skills, but a lot of time will be spent on our middle of the year mClass reading assessments. There are a lot of tests to get through!

*New Sight Words: with, yes, down, little, look

Math: We're finally wrapping up addition and with that, beginning subtraction. The focus this week will be on a basic understanding of subtraction as it relates to addition. I think everyone is ready for it!

Social Studies: Monday will be bringing a new unit in Social Studies this week, Needs and Wants. We'll be doing some picture sorts and other activities to get going with that.


Encore Rotation:

Monday - Day 3 - PE

Tuesday - Day 4 - Art 1

Wednesday - Day 5 - Music

Thursday - Day 6 - Science

Friday - Day 7 - Guidance

Early Dismissal Friday! Students will be leaving at 12pm on Friday. There will be no school on Monday, January 18th or Tuesday, January 19th.

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Goodbye, Gray!

Our friend Gray is going to be leaving Odell and attending another Kindergarten class as of this week, so we took one last full class picture on Friday before he left! We will miss him dearly, but are glad to have gotten to know him while he was part of the class. :)