Counselor's Corner November 2013

Ms. Margaret's Mumblings

Penny Harvest Update!

We are continuing to work together as a school community to collect pennies and spare change. We asked Greenlee students what issues they cared most about. Abused and homeless animals? Sick children? Wounded soldiers? Colorado Floods? All classrooms then discussed 'giving back' and voted on a social issue they felt passionate about. Student council will take these ideas and interview organizations that help with those chosen issues. After interviews and discussions, student council will decide which worthy organization deserves our change.

Please continue to donate your pennies and spare change! We can make a difference one penny at a time!

Classroom Totals as of 11/4/13... Kindergarten is in the lead!

  • ECE: $9.17
  • Kindergarten: $36.24
  • 1st: $26.42
  • 2nd: $17.87
  • 3rd: $28.20
  • 4th: $19.60
  • 5th: $4.69

For more information on the Penny Harvest, click here!

Monthly Parent Meeting

Wednesday, Nov. 13th 2013 at 8:30-10am

1150 Lipan St

Denver, CO

This is our regular monthly meeting for Greenlee families. Topics will include Title I funding and a short presentation from our school psychologist.

Big Wins for Greenlee

Power Lunch... Ms. Gonzales' 3rd graders have weekly sessions with an adult reading buddy for the rest of the year! See more info in the Power Lunch article below...
Donated Pumpkins... we received a batch of pumpkins for classrooms and families!
Homework Club... individual homework help Monday and Wednesday mornings for referred students. Hoping to expand soon!
Safe from the Start... a new safety program for Greenlee rolled out in classrooms during the past week. These weekly sessions are presented by professionals from Denver Children's Advocacy Center who provide short lessons related to safety awareness. The program kicked off with a fun puppet show for the students.

Counseling at Greenlee

As always, please contact me with any questions or concerns! I am here to support all students, academically, socially, and emotionally.

Happy Fall!

-Ms. Margaret

Counseling Updates

What's going on with Ms. Margaret?
  • small groups focused on friendship skills
  • small groups focused on anger management
  • 3rd grade students learn about feelings, tattling vs. telling, and "I Messages"
  • attendance monitoring and attendance contests
  • individual counseling
  • positive behavior classroom observations/check-ins

2nd Graders Learn About Self-Control

Thanks to Ms. Kirby and Ms. R, 2nd grade students are learning about self-control in their classrooms! The teachers are distributing 'badges' for students demonstrating good self-control.

As elementary students, your children are beginning to learn what it means to hold back or to "filter" their words and actions. Learning to control emotions and behavior is a skill that can be taught. In fact, a recent study published by the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology found that teaching self-control techniques to elementary school-age children who had difficulty reining in their emotions and behavior significantly reduced suspensions and other disciplinary problems.

That said, knowing how to think before acting can be especially difficult for very young children. But by helping them practice over and over (and over), parents are providing one of life’s most valuable skills. Self-control works like a muscle. It gets tired when you use it. But it also gets stronger with regular exercise. Practicing self-control in any sphere will strengthen your ability to use it in any other sphere

One way to help your children practice self-control is to play at self-control! For elementary school-age children, the best way to learn something is through play. So on the way to the bath, in the supermarket, or on the drive to school, have your children stop and start different actions, like freezing when you say “Potato!” In the car, every time there’s, say, a yellow sign, have your kids clap and say, “Yellow sign!” These types of games teach kids to stop and think before acting, a self-control essential.

Power Lunch Program

Power Lunch has successfully paired local business professionals with students in the public schools system for more than seven years! Designed for corporate, government, or community groups, the program matches employees with students in the school system. This year, Greenlee is lucky enough to be a participating school!

Once a week, corporate groups are transported from their office to Greenlee where they read with the same child for an entire school year. Power Lunch is committed to improving reading scores and helping students reach their potential.

One mentor + one child + one book at a time = better reading scores and comprehension. Results from formal studies by the U.S. Department of Education and Loyola University show significant gains from program students, particularly in reading abilities, self-esteem, academic performance, and library use. The benefits of Power Lunch participation were especially strong for students reading below grade level.

As a school counselor, not only am I thrilled about the additional reading support, but also the benefits of adult mentors for our students. A huge thank you to the volunteers from Assured Title and DPS Cares! For more information on Power Lunch, click here!

Meet Mr. C

Hello Greenlee Families and Students,

My name is Chad Tehan, I am the Greenlee Community Outreach Specialist with Denver Public Schools AmeriCorps. My goals here at Greenlee are to:

1. Improve attendance with proactive strategies, rewards, building relationships with students and their families.

2. Identify, develop, and implement service projects, focusing on attendance with math and literacy components.

3. Increase family and community engagement.

I have been in the education/social services field since 2000 working in parenting education, AmeriCorps National Service (2002-2003, 2013-2014), Early Childhood Education, and Early Childhood Special Education. I look forward to working with the children and families here at Greenlee in my service term. So far it has been great. If you see me, AmeriCorps jacket, blue/burgandy polo with an AmeriCorps logo please say hello.

"Everyday, On Time"


Chad J Tehan MS EI/ECSE
Community Outreach Specialist, Greenlee Elementary

Greenlee Family Resources

The Bridge Project

The Bridge Project partners with Greenlee families to provide students with:
  • homework help
  • one-on-one tutoring
  • literacy programs
  • social emotional groups
  • technology education
  • arts and recreation
  • family support

Students may attend after school Monday-Thursday from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Please call 303-446-0319 for more details or visit the webpage!

*Ms. Margaret can also help with sign-ups... do not hesitate to call 720-424-6811 or stop by Room 103.*

La Alma Winter Youth Sports

Register your children up for Boys (7-17 yrs), Girls (7-17 yrs), and Co-Ed(5-6 yrs) Basketball Teams!

Visit La Alma Rec Center or contact Denver Youth Sports at 720-865-BALL.

For more information about youth sports programs, go to