Water Shortage

What is Water Shortage?

Water shortage is when water is unavailable to a person, place, or thing. Without water people die, in fact water shortage is one of Earths leading causes of death. 783 million people don't have access to water. Water is unavailable in all 7 continents to people. As you can tell Water Shortage is a huge problem throughout this presentation I will tell you why and how we can stop it.

Two Reasons water shortage should be stopped

1. Without water to drink people die. Every second one child dies from a water related cause. This is equivalent to a jumbo jet crashing every for hours. With so many people dying at such a fast rate something needs to be done.

2. Water is used for many purposes other than just drinking such as cleaning, disposing of waste, washing, and more. People all over the world can not do any of this and as a result they die or get very sick.

How Can We Stop Water Shortage?

Hundreds of organizations have been formed to help this water shortage problem. People donate or buy products from organizations so they can give water to people all over the world. I encourage everyone to donate or help this cause in any way possible because it affects million of lives all over the world and by donating you are blessing lives. Water shortage is far to big of a problem to be fixed anytime soon but if everyone pitches in and gives a little extra we can start chipping away at this big problem little by little.