Cambrian Period

Travel back in time!

Geological events

Ancient continents during this time period lie near or south of the equator. This is caused by the tectonic plates not moving as much. There was a huge explosion under the sea. This caused a lot of sea creatures and plants to die. If you go there, then you might want to be careful when you are around the ocean!


The climate was cold during the beginning of that time period. As time went by, it started to get warmer and warmer. When it was cold, there used to be a lot of glaciers surrounding the continents.

Dominant Organisms

During the Cambrian time period, there was Small worm like creatures animals that evolved during this period. There also was the chordates, animals with a dorsal nerve cord; hard-bodied brachiopods, which resembled clams.

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The environment was like a desert. Earth was a lot warmer than today. During the beginning of the time period, there weren't many trees or plants. As time went by, more plants and trees started to grow. The continents at this time were also together.

What you will want to see

During this time period, there is a huge explosion under the sea. It is an amazing site but you might want to be careful around the ocean. There also is fossils of the evolved animals from the explosion. They are along the shores in huge rocks.
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What you might want to bring

You will want to bring food because the animals are deep beneath the ocean. Water because it gets really hot there. Clothes like shorts, T-shirt, and running shoes because it gets really hot there and there are a lot of mountains to climb. The last thing is a sleeping bag because there aren't many other places to sleep otherwise.


The dangers that you might face are that there is a huge underwater explosion. If you are in the water when that happened it won't be very good. Also, there are a lot of animals that will poison you when they bite you. Those are the main dangers you will face during the Cambrian period.