Social Studies Weekly

Year 4 Volume 4 ~ September 19, 2016

STAY Teachers

Welcome Aboard to all of our STAY teachers. We are glad to have you and wish you well this school year.

Courtney Adams at Winston-Salem Prep

Brendan Beatty at West

Josh Campbell at Reynolds

Troy Colvard at Reynolds

Edwin Combs at Middle College and West

Raheem Martin at Carver

Colin Mayo at Glenn

Rachael Smith at Reynolds

Meghan Sticker at Reynolds

Matthew Stran at North

If you were left off the list, we apologize. Please know, we are excited to have you here. The list we have is from the beginning of August and is probably missing a few folks. Please shoot Melissa an e-mail so she can correct the list!

We are Looking for YOUR Input!

This coming year there will be a few opportunities for you to show your leadership in Social Studies as part of your Standard 1 Evaluation.

1. Help to Develop a Bank of Multiple Choice Questions for Each Unit

2. Presentation of Topic for the February RC Day

3. Benchmark Rewrites Summer 2017

If you have not offered your opinions, please do so now by taking this survey.

This Week In Social Studies

World History

We are still expanding those empires and looking how trade influenced their development and decline. By the end of the week, you may be transitioning into Unit 4: Religions. For some of you, the Religion's unit was done prior to Empires or within Empires - NO PROBLEM.

When thinking about the Religion's Unit, remember the focus is on the development and growth of religions as related to politics, economics, and society/culture. This graphic organizer may help with this analysis.

Civics and Economics

Umm... can you believe at the end of this week we will be starting Unit 3? McGready, you have to be kidding... nope. Unit 3 focuses on the influence on government. And, it must be said that this is most likely the best time to be teaching this content since 2008, or even 2000. Student interest is heightened. Tap into this and use it well. There is an inquiry based project designed for voting. Check it out.

American 1

The American Revolution has begun! How will this war change the 13 Colonies or the world? Looking at standard 6 and 7, we notice that our focus for the war include the reasons for involvement and the impact of war. This document to has the students examine the political and economic impact of the American Revolution.

American 2

This week we are finishing up Unit 2 on the Progressives. A special thanks to Krista Lyons for sharing some materials she created for this unit. The first is a political cartoon about the railroad monopoly. And, the second is on Social Darwinism. Thanks Krista!

Keep in mind the latter part of this unit looks at minority groups and the rise of traditional versus modern views. Booker T. Washington's "Atlanta Compromise" speech is a great talking point for this. And, Tripp Jeffers shared a constructed response to use with this. Check it out here.

Tech Ideas

Discovery Education News

Did you know that Discovery Ed has a weekly summary of global news? Just type in "global news" in the search engine. It is very short - 4-5 minutes. This might be a great alternative to CNN Student News.

Up Coming PD

Ashbrook: Teaching American History

PTEC and WSFCS is hosting several Ashbrook: Teaching American History seminars. The first one is October 12 on Federalists and Anti-Federalists. If you wish to attend, you will need to get approval from your administration, arrange a substitute (your school may or may not be willing to pay for this), and register with PTEC. This is not in mylearningplan.

Message from Melissa

In two days, it will be Fall. I know for some of you, this is not happy news. For me, I am giddy with joy. If there is another day of 90+ weather before mid-June, I will not be a happy person. I say bring on the frost, the cold mornings, the crisp nights...

I hope that things are going well for you. My world has been consumed by elementary stuff recently but it seems like the veil may be lifted soon. And, I will be all yours! I am working hard on my goal of visiting all of you. Last week I assisted ELA in delivering PD to the staff at Mount Tabor. So, a quick shout out to my Tabor peeps!

As always, please let me know if you need anything.