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Our Mission

Creating a community of learners where students' are actively engaged to reach their full potential and display positive character.



What's New?......

First of all... A big Pioneer Trail Welcome to our new staff...we are incredibly fortunate to have extra sections of our younger grade levels this year! We also have received additional support in Instructional Coaching and Behavioral Intervention. We are excited to have our MU SYOPS students for the entire year, along with additional student teachers and internships. It's going to be a great year!

Arynn Londrie - Kindergarten

Lucie Cyliax - First Grade

Ashley Furcinite - First Grade

Danielle Morrow - Second Grade

Emy Nutt - Second Grade

Laura Williams - Fifth Grade

Tesha Campbell - Fifth Grade

Terri Miller - Instructional Coach

Jaclyn Neugebauer - Behavior Interventionist

Heather Ferguson - School Psychologist

Nikki Smith - Nurse

Ariel Boulicault - Counseling Practicum Aug-May with Leigh Ann Long

Kristina Hein - Counseling Practicum Aug-Dec with Leigh Ann Long

Julia Esbjornson - MU SYOPS Program Aug-May

Rachel Snethen, MU SYOPS Program Aug-May

Reginald Davis - night custodian

In-Building Changes:

Stephanie Kampeter is now teaching second grade.

Shonna Bexton and Katie Spears (Behavior Therapists) housed at PT.

Ellen Sandhaus is now Librarian/Specials.

Susan Carlson is now Library Aide/ Technology Aide.

Sarah Wilson is now Sped Resource Teacher.


August Calendar

Monday, 1st - Registration 12-8 PM at Pioneer Trail

(Please keep office traffic to a minimum.)

Tuesday, 2nd- Registration 8 AM-4PM at Pioneer Trail

(Please keep office traffic to a minimum.)

Wednesday, 3rd- Parent Meeting, 10 AM

Thursday, 4th- CPI Recertification, 8 AM

-CPI Recertification (Autism focus) 12 PM

-PBS Mtg., 10 AM, Library

-Behavior Task Force, 4 PM

Friday, 5th - Custodial BBQ 11:00 AM

Monday, 8th - New Teacher Training begins (all week)

- Principals at New Teacher Training, 7:30 AM

- iReady Training for Admin and Instructional Coaches, 12-3:30 PM

- School Board Meeting, 6:00

Tuesday, 9th -Parent Meeting, 9:00

-Curriculum Launch Team meeting, 1-3:00

Thursday,11th- 504 Training for Admin/Counselors/Sped, 8 AM - 2 PM

Monday,15th - First day back for teachers!

-Social Hour, donuts and coffee at JC High School, 7-8AM

-Opening Session for ALL Staff, 8-9:30 AM

- Group Photo on the football field, ALL Staff, 9:30-10:00 AM

- Curriculum Launch, all grade levels, JC High School, 10:30-12 Noon

- Lunch, 12-1:30 PM

- Faculty Training in own buildings, 1:30-3:45 PM

Tuesday, 16th (8:00 - 3:30 with one hour lunch)

- Tech dept. at school all day to troubleshoot

- Annual Prayer Breakfast, Admin, 6:45-8:00 AM

- Behavioral and SST Training, all staff, 9:45 AM, Library

- Teams/Ind work time in PM

- Open House, 5-7PM, all staff (see schedule below)

Wednesday,17 (8:00 - 3:30 with one hour lunch)

- PTO Staff Breakfast, Commons, 7:45- 8:30AM

- Rigor/Relevance Training, cont., 9-11AM, Library, all staff

- Teams/Ind work time in PM

Thursday,18 - FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!

The Rooms are clean, the wax is dry, but the orders....are on stand-by!

Thank you to our fabulous custodial team! Devon, Tammy and Reginald have finished the building and it is ready for you! Be careful about rolling heavy carts across newly dried floors, it takes a few days for them to dry hard.

The secretaries are back! However, their job is to register, and roster all students by the end of next week. That gives them three days after registration. Please remember they are contracted to come in early to complete this job. We will deliver your orders to your classroom when we have time to get them checked in. Thanks for being considerate!

T-shirts for staff have been ordered, we will let you know when they arrive. Hopefully we can give them to everyone for the photo after opening session.

Notes from Dr. Wilson.....

Hope you had a wonderful summer! It's amazing how fast it flies by! Open House will be Tuesday, August 16th this year, from 5-7 PM. Information is going out to parents at registration and also through School Messenger. We will have the same schedule as last year:

5:00-5:30 Meet and Greet in all classrooms

5:30-6:00 Session 1 ( all grade levels)

6:00-6:30 Session 2 (Repeat all grade levels)

6:30-7:00 Meet and Greet in all classrooms

All staff needs to attend. Specials need to be outside their rooms meeting and greeting families. Facilitators will be with their classroom teachers. All staff without a classroom can be visible in hallways helping to direct families to the classrooms

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What are YOUR Possibilities This Year?

Even when it does not quite work out the way we want it to the first time, tenth time, or even one hundredth time.....when we are patience, focused and persistent....what is possible in our work with and for children?


Audri's Rube Goldberg Monster Trap

Congrats Nikki Carel! Nominated as one of three Regional Teachers of the Year! Now on to the State Competition!