Five Nights At Freddy's

The popular horror game franchise by Scott Cawthon

A quick description of Five Nights at Freddy's

A popular horror game franchise by Scott Cawthon has stolen our hearts and, our ability to sleep well for most people.I for one love all of the cute little animatronics. The animatronics try to kill you while you are working the night shift at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzaria. The animatronics roam at night so their servos don't lock up at night due to a nefarious Bite Of 87' where one of the animatronics bit the frontal lobe of a child (the child lived). The design of the animatronics and the lore has kept us gamers wanting more.The five main animatronics are Foxy,Chica,Freddy,Bonnie,and the illusive Golden Freddy.

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The Lore: Order and Sequence

The lore is a very complex thing to learn and memorize (mostly when it comes to FNAF).

FredBear's Family Diner (date unknown) - While beloved FredBear was passing out cake to kids to keep the kids happy (Golden Bonnie nowhere to be found) a crying child was outside of the establishment.While FredBear keeps on serving cake a purple car pulls up. FredBear still serving cake to the children inside a man that was fully purple got out of the car.The purple man then killed the child (motivation and technique are unknown). The child turning grey with the tear stains still clearly visible then,died. All outside of a pizza place.

1983 (FNAF 4)- A kid (name unknown called the crying child)) was at a birthday party (presumably the crying child'`s party) was scared of something (most likely the yellow Springlock suits) was trying to run (really speedwalking) then collapsed on the ground crying. Then a group of bullies (the kids brother and the crying kid brother's friends) then picked him off the ground and carried him to the show stage and put his head (the crying child) in FredBear's mouth. The kid's 2 streams of tears moistened the springlocks then CRUNCH! FredBear's jaw came down on the kid's head.

1987- A animatronic decided to take a bite of a kid in a certain area. The frontal lobe. The kid lived on but, the animatronics where not allowed to roam in the day anymore. The animatronics where then set only to roam after hours (so their servos don't lock up).

FNAF 1 (around 1993)- A employee lured 5 kids backstage (in a gold animatronic suit). Days later the kids were announced missing."It's a tragedy." reported a police officer in a news article. A suspect was arrested but the bodies where never found.

Fazbear Fright- Burned down due to "faulty wiring".

Welcome to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza place!

Cause and Effect

In FNAF you have to do certain things so certain animatronics don't come and kill you.In the first FNAf game you need to check Pirate Cove (where Foxy is stations) regularly so Foxy wont some and kill you.In the second FNAF game you have to wind the music box. If you don't wind the music box at all it will run out and you are dead.The Puppet/Marionette

will come to play when you don't wind the music box and the Puppet?Marionette is one of the animatronics that you can't stop once they are awoken.In FNAF if you din't seal a vent when Springtrap is in that vent you are not 100% dead but you will be in more danger.In FNAF 4 if some one is outside the door and you flash the flashlight then you will be jump scared then be taken back to the start screen.

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This is Chica the chicken. Chica is the only "official" female animatronic (including all the other Chicas).

She is standing on the show stage behind Freddy.

Compare and contrast: FNAf 2 FNAF 1

FNAF 2: No doors,no power,and more animatronics.FNAF 2 is takes place in November 12 1987.You have a empty animatronic mask that will help save you from the animatronics well, other than Foxy.For Foxy you have to flash you flashlight to get rid of him. FNAF 2 introduces winding the music box to keep the puppet away.Winding the music box a day keeps the puppet away (no not really).If the puppet gets out well, your dead.

FNAF 1: You have doors and you have power. With only five animatronics you wont be that worried.With checking Foxy every once and a while will keep him away.

Same: No hope, no where to run, and animatronics. All the FNAf games are by one person Scott Cawthon and all have Bonnie,Chica,Freddy,Foxy,and golden freddy (replaced by FredBear in FNAF 4).In both games you have to do certain task to keep a animatronic away. Also in both games you have to do something a little different to make Foxy go/keep away than the other animatronics.