KP Friday Focus-Monday Edition

September 15, 2014

Ful Swing

As we enter into our 2nd full week of school, we are officially into the swing of things. Our open houses over the next 2 Mondays will filled with excitement but a little exhaustion with a long night followed by an early morning. However, I know that your passion and enthusiasm for what you do will resonate with our families.

I also know that as we enter the swing of things, it can be easy forget the excitement of the preparation for the year and the learning from our TLAP Read. Remember those tenants and stay the course to keep creating lessons that your students would buy tickets for. Remember you have the permission to be GREAT!


Flipped Open House Message

Open House 2014 Principal's Message

Teacher Evaluation Plan Update


The CSDE officially approved West Hartford's Teacher Evaluation and Development Program. . With the approval in place, the plan is ready for implementation for the 2014-15 school year.

I am distributing the TEVAL materials electronically. Per the plan, each building must hold an orientation prior to Oct. 15. I am asking that you review these matarials prior to our October 14th Faculty Meeting. If you would like me to provide a video presentation prior to that date, please identify in the comments below. In addition to our KP News Folder, these materials and more are located on the WHPS Teval website.

KP Community Art Project

To echo Megan, thank you for your support during morning advisory with our community art project. We certainly hope that you'll have the opportunity to view the piece at Hartford's Envisionfest. It promises to be a fun event.

Gem Award to:

  • STACEY GRINDLE on behalf of Eric Lord, Lauren Pouliot and Mike Flaherty --major kudos for designing an amazing cover for the Grade 6 Unified Arts parent packet for Open House. She took her own personal time to create this masterpiece 6th grade unified arts (see up top)

  • MIKE ROLLINS for providing an excellent professional learning experience at our last Building CSI. One comment said it was the best CSI in the 4yrs they had been here.

KP Connection Info

Please see below for the KP Connections that have been shared with families

KP News Folder

Check out the KP Shared folder--a central place to house KP Documents. Not sure about accessing, we'll give you a demonstration on Tuesday. If you have something you think should be added, let me know.

CSI and faculty meeting expectations for coaches who are also teachers in West Hartford Public Schools.

  1. For faculty meetings, you must contact and get permission from your principal.
  2. For all building CSI sessions, you must contact and get permission from your principal.
  3. For all department CSI sessions, any mandated department CSIs must be attended. Exceptions to this mandate are if you have a game or contest. Your request should be communicated several days prior to the event.
  4. For all CSI series, you may replace with a coaches CSI series. Coaching CSI series will take place in March only. All coaches who attend must sign up through Protraxx.

  • Please plan accordingly by looking at your athletic schedule and academic/teacher schedule
  • Coaches should not ask permission to be excused from a CSI or faculty meeting the day of the meeting

Tweets of the week -Click on the picture

t's not about the notes on the page. We must help kids find their passion. (7 min)

Clarinet Scene - Mr. Holland's Opus

Upcoming Events/Activities

September 15th
7th and 8th Grade Open House

September 20th

ENVISIONFEST --Come see the Community Art Project on Display

September 22nd

6th Grade Open House