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December 7-December 11

Note from Ms. Murr

Hi Panthers,

We are excited to welcome students and staff back to campus on Monday! Please send students with all materials that were sent home before Thanksgiving break. Please double check that chargers come back!

As we return to campus, AISD has put measures into place for Rapid COVID screening. If you have additional questions, please email Nurse Tristin at Please also see the link below from AISD:

Rapid COVID Screening

On Friday, Mr. Foyt and I will hold a Principal's Chat to discuss plans for next semester, rapid COVID screening, and more. Please join us on Friday at 10:00 am. If you can't make it, we will record and post on LivingTree.

For families still participating in remote only learning, please complete the Intent for Spring Semester if you have not done so already. I know there are many "ifs" attached to this intent. If your goal is to return in January, please complete the form as such. You can always change your mind and continue remote learning.

We have just 9 more school days before Winter Break! This is such a special time of year. We are working with Grade Reps to plan a special day for all students on the last day of the semester.

With thanks,


A Note from Mr. Foyt

Hi Panthers,

First of all I would like to thank the Bryker Woods Community for the flexibility over the recent weeks. I hope all of you have continue to be safe and healthy.

While we continue to focus on the present, we have an eye to the future and the changes that the new year will bring. Several teachers will return to campus, including our newest Panther, Emily Loney, who will begin in January teaching 2nd grade. She is going to visit Bryker Woods this week to meet the students, and we will have a parent meeting as soon as she is officially a staff member.

Maintaining the rich traditions of Bryker Woods, continues to require out of the box thinking and adjustments. One such tradition are classroom holiday celebrations. Visitors are not allowed on campus, so any celebration will happen with students and their teacher. If you are sending things to campus, please remember these must be delivered in the morning during our entry screening. We will not be able to take items during the school day. Additionally, any food item must be store bought pre-packaged. Please consider non perishable items if possible. (Pencils, stickers, etc)

This is a challenging time, and the Bryker Woods teachers have worked very hard. The appreciation that’s been shown from the Bryker Woods community has been generous and inspiring. I ask for your continued support as we adjust and adapt to each new circumstance. As new information develops, Ms. Murr and I will communicate via Living Tree. Thanks for your patience and grace as we navigate the changes with this week’s learning.

Best, David

This Week's Events

Monday, Dec. 7th:

  • Campus re-opens for in-person instruction
Tuesday, December 8th:
  • PTA Meeting, 5:00 pm

Friday, Dec. 11th:

  • Principal's Chat, 10:00 am

Future Events

Monday, Dec. 14th:

  • CAC Meeting, 3:15 pm

Thursday, Dec. 17th:

  • Last day for students! Special celebrations- TBD

Panther Proud Awards

We will begin to celebrate our amazing Panthers every Friday with our Panther Proud awards. Our Panther Proud Awards are a way for us to shine the light on the MANY wonderful things our young panthers do every day. It could be showing empathy, responsibility, respect, being an upstander, speaking out, showing perseverance, or many other skills. We would like to honor our students and celebrate their hard work.

Any grownup that works with our Panthers is able to nominate a student. Please fill out the following Panther Proud Award Nomination and they will be read during Friday Morning Announcements.

Panther Proud Award Nominations


Technology Available at BW!

Technology Updates

iPad Home Screen/Layout Settings by The Time of Day

Beginning Friday, September 25, Austin ISD iPads have settings restrictions that vary by time of day. From 7:00 am-4:00 pm, Monday to Friday, apps will appear in the current pushed layout. Outside of those hours, the apps will revert to any customized layout caregivers have set, AND they will be able to delete apps they have added. (Note that the iPads have 32GB of storage, and currently 13GB is taken up by District-required content.)

Lost/Stolen student devices:

Families should follow the procedures outlined here.

Student devices in need of repair:

Families can take iPads, Chromebooks, and hotspots in need of repair to either your school or to one of the Curbside locations, where they can be swapped out as long as supplies allow.

“Power wash” Chromebooks to Update Zoom:

Students may notice that Zoom is out of date on their Chromebooks. Students and caregivers that Chromebooks must be “power washed” (restored to Austin ISD default settings) for Zoom to update automatically. Here is a step set as well as a link to a video.

MackinVia and Dreambox added to iPads:

The MackinVia and Dreambox apps have been added to iPads. Apps on the student iPads will soon be organized into logical folders to streamline student access and hide infrequently used apps and system apps.

Students use the Canvas Student app to access BLEND (and then Seesaw)

A video in English demonstrating this process can be seen here. A video in Spanish is in progress and a link will be provided as soon as it is available.

Student iPad Security and Student Safety

Please note: District-wide safety restrictions can be seen on the iPads under Settings> General > Device Management > JamfSchool MDM Management Profile > Restrictions. Families may see other options under Screen Time, but despite appearances, no Screen Time setting can be less restrictive than the General Restrictions pushed by the District. A flyer for distribution is available here.

Handbook for BLEND/Seesaw


How to Get Involved

Additional Resource/Information

AISD Let's Talk

Have a question? Use Let's Talk! to get the answers you need. Families may call the Family Support line at 512-414-9187. You can also send a Let's Talk! text to (512) 886-6434. Support is available weekdays from 7 a.m.–5 p.m.

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