9 Weeks Project


The affect that different shampoos have on color treated hair and how fast the color would fade was investigated.

My data confirmed my hypothesis that the shampoo for color treated hair would take the longest to fade and the original shampoo would fade the fastest.

As I did this experiment I found that the shampoos didn't fade the hair hair near as bad as I had originally expected it to. It took approximately four days for the regular shampoo to fade out. As for the color shampoo and the moisturizing shampoos they took about five to ten days to fade. The hair didn't just fade as I kept washing it, the ends of the hair also started to look like they were dry and like they were starting to break.

I did some research on this topic before starting and I found that many researchers have found similar outcomes, not just scientist but also other people who have done a similar experiment.

Some of the explanations for why the original shampoos fade hair faster and why shampoos for color treated hair doesn't is because of the detergent in the original shampoos strip the color molecules from the hair cuticle, the color shampoos don't contain this detergent.

For this experiment to be more accurate, or better I would continue to wash the hair for longer than three weeks.