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Family Newsletter for Thomas Dale High School-August 2019

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Greetings from the Castle!

Knight Families and Community Members,

Here we GO! As July turns to August, the anticipation of another school year begins to swell. The faculty and staff are working hard to prepare for our students to return as 2,400 of the most amazing individuals on the planet continue their journey to develop the knowledge, skills, and dispositions they need to be successful no matter what path they choose.

Please click HERE to view a short message from me, your proud principal.


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  • Fee Collection will be Wednesday, August 21, from 4-7pm and Thursday, August 22, from 10am-2pm. On Wednesday evening, fees will be collected in the cafe commons at Main. On Thursday, fees will be collected in the front office at Main. For your reference, you can access the fee sheet HERE. Additionally, you can pay your fees online instead of in person by clicking HERE.
  • Dale-Gates. Dale-Gates are BACK and BETTER THAN LAST YEAR!!! Join us for the first Dale-Gate of the year on August 30 at 5:30pm before the football game versus the Cosby Titans! Food, fun, and family. What a great way to re-connect before the school year begins!
  • Thomas Dale is proud to be a high-quality public educational setting and center of the Chester community. Because of the nature of our service and purpose, there are a few reminders about what is not permitted on school grounds at any time: weapons, drugs, alcohol, and tobacco products of any kind (including vapor).
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What's Different About the First Week of School?

There is only one first day of school each year. This year, we actual get two first days of school!!!

On both first days, we will make it the best day of our students' lives! On both first days of school, we will build relationships, establish trust, open lines of communication, and connect with each other and our school. ALL teachers will see ALL of their students, and ALL students will see ALL of their teachers...on the first day! All class assemblies will be part of the first day to set the tone and expectations for an AMAZING year! To end our day on September 4, we will rock out at a PEP RALLY!!!

Let's make our first day of school count (both of them)... making it all about relationships, connections, excitement, and joy! An overwhelming feeling that school really is an AWESOME place!

To do so, we will adjust our bell schedule so that students attend all of their classes on the first day. Logistics regarding the day and specifics regarding the pep rally are forthcoming. This day is not an "Even" day or an "Odd"'s an "ALL" Day. Let's make September 3 and 4 AMAZING!

This year, our first week of school will look much different than it has in the past. On the first day (September 3), only our 9th grade students will report to school. Please find the bell schedule for the first day of school below. We have one for West and one for Main (Specialty Center).

On the second day (September 4), all students will report and will follow the bell schedule posted below.

Parking Passes

Parking on school grounds is a privilege we are honored to extend to our students. Please click HERE for the Parking Application Form. We are excited to offer a few chances before school starts to purchase parking passes. We will sell parking passes to SENIORS on Monday and Tuesday, August 19 and 20 from 11am to 1pm in the Main Campus Front Office. Juniors and Seniors can purchase their passes on Thursday, August 22 from 10am to 2pm in the Main Campus Front Office. We will also sell parking passes during lunches throughout the first week of school. We will begin holding students accountable for having their parking pass hang tag visible in their rear-view mirror on Monday, September 9, 2018.

Students who purchase a parking pass will be assigned a numbered parking space. Please note that students without a decal or students who park in unauthorized parking spaces, including any space assigned to others, are subject to the following consequences:

  1. The first time, students will receive a warning sticker and have an opportunity to purchase a parking pass.
  2. The second time, a student will receive another warning sticker and another opportunity to purchase a parking pass.
  3. The third time, the student will receive another warning sticker and will be redirected by an administrator, with a warning that another offense will lead to a vehicle immobilizer being applied. The student will be highly encouraged to purchase a parking pass.
  4. The fourth time, the student will have a vehicle immobilizer applied to one of the vehicles wheels. Students will need to notify administration and will have another opportunity to purchase a parking pass.
  5. The fifth time, the vehicle will be towed at the operator's expense.

Parents and Students, please do not put us in a position to go this far. Parking privileges may be revoked at any time, without a refund. Vehicles parked on school grounds are subject to search.

Please bring the following documents to purchase a TDHS parking decal:

  • A completed Parking Application Form (PAF) signed by the student AND THE PARENT/GUARDIAN
  • Vehicle registration for cars listed on the PAF
  • Valid driver’s license (NO learner’s permits accepted)
  • $50.00 check made payable to Thomas Dale High /School or Cash

Dress Code

August is the perfect month to get those back-to-school clothes. To help you make decisions about what to purchase, please follow the dress code guidelines outlined by Chesterfield County Public Schools (click HERE for the direct link). Please pay particular attention to the dress code, as we intend to hold students accountable to the expectations.

All students who attend any public school in Chesterfield County are expected to dress appropriately for a K-12 educational environment. Clothing shall fit, be neat and clean, and conform to standards of safety, good taste, appropriateness, and decency. Any clothing that interferes with or disrupts the educational environment is prohibited. Among other things, the following are prohibited:

  • Clothing with language or images that are vulgar, discriminatory, or obscene;
  • Clothing that promotes or depicts illegal or violent behavior or items prohibited in a school setting, such as weapons, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or drug paraphernalia;
  • Clothing that contains threats such as gang symbols;
  • Clothing that exposes cleavage, private parts, the midriff, or undergarments;
  • Sagging or low-cut pants;
  • Tube tops, halter tops, tank tops, backless blouses or blouses with only ties in the back;
  • Clothing constructed of see-through material; and,
  • Head coverings, unless required for religious or medical purposes. The parent(s) of any student required to wear a head covering based on religious beliefs, medical needs, or other good cause, should contact the principal of the student’s school.

Students not complying with this policy will be asked to take appropriate action including, but not limited to, covering the noncomplying clothing, changing clothes, reporting to in-school detention, or being sent home. Repeated infractions will result in disciplinary action. This policy is intended to constitute the minimum expectation for student attire throughout the school division. However, individual schools may adopt more restrictive expectations.
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This Year's Bell Schedule

Our bell schedule reflects a commitment to high-quality instruction, support and challenge based on students' needs, and a focus on the social-emotional development of our Knights. Balancing the rigors of academics with the realities of teenage life in 2019 and beyond, we aim to provide a learning environment where students can pursue their goals, dreams, and personal pathways in a place that is welcoming, connected, and full of joy!

Please find the bell schedule for both Main Campus and West Campus below. As noted above, we will have a different bell schedule at the start of school. Any time we have an alternate schedule, we will use the newsletter and our social media outlets to communicate. Make sure you connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat!

Upcoming Events

Stay connected to OUR CALENDAR and mark yours!

August 5 - Facebook Live at 8pm with Dr. Jones

August 6 - National Night Out

August 7 and 8 - Camp Squire
August 12 - Fall Sports Parent Meeting
August 19 - Parking Passes for Seniors
August 20 - Parking Passes for Seniors
August 21 - Fee Collection and New Parent Orientation
August 22 - Fee Collection and Parking Passes
August 30 - Dale-gate and Football vs Cosby

September 3 - First Day of School (Class of 2023 Only)

September 4 - All students report to school

September 16 - Back to School Night

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