God of wine


Dionysus is the god of wine, agriculture, fertility of nature, and theater. He had two side of his personality. One good, fun side, and another mad, raging side. Those two sides represent the two sides of the effects of wine on the brain. He often wandered the world with women, wine, and the Maenads encouraging his cult. He also was one of the few gods that was able to bring someone out of the underworld, and that person was his mother, Semele. He is mentioned in the Odyssey, but has no part.


Dionysus has a strange birth, mainly for two reasons. The first reason is that he was born twice. The second is that his other mother (not the one that conceived him) was Zeus because Zeus put fetus Dionysus in his thigh and let him mature until he was ready to come out. He is also the only god to have a mortal mother, Semele.
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