Lance's Ledger

June 15 - 19 at Central Elementary

Field Day Fun

Congratulations to Mr. Rutkowski on a fantastic series of grade level Field Days this past week. Tim's organization, recruitment of volunteers and direction made the events memorable for students, staff and volunteers alike. Special thanks to Tim for all the extra hours he put into the securing and set-up of materials and equipment. Catering to the hopes and expectations of 570 plus students was....well, it was just absolutely AWESOME! Thanks, Tim for making things happen for Central kids!

Note: Early on Friday morning before the start of school Tim was also lending a hand to Hahn colleague Shelly Konsman as Hahn had to make last minute changes for their field day due to the weather. Thanks to Tim for demonstrating that Davison Teacher's commitment goes beyond their building.

Table of Honor

Twenty-six students were honored for their Cardinal Code leadership efforts during lunch hours on June 11. Students were delighted to be served by Mrs. Demo and Mr. Harper. But for the best part...that was watching students' peers come up to the table and comment how proud they were to have the honorees represent their class. Kids really do get the concept of what it ,means to be recognized as a leader.

I'd like to thank Maida Demo for her planning and organization in coordinating the Table of Honor program this year. There was quite a bit of "behind the scenes" work Maida made sure was done in order for the event to be held on a regular basis. Her special decorations (and Evan's toys) provided a "special table setting" for the monthly event. Nice work Maida!

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Dad's Day Luncheon

Chartwell's Food Service Director Jen Mieslik and Head Cook Lori Rodabaugh organized Dad's Day luncheons after a successful Mother's Day luncheon experience in May. Though the weather did not cooperate dads came out in force to eat with their children in first and third grades on June 12. The Grade 2 and 4 luncheon is scheduled for Monday, June 15. By all accounts the event was well attended and dad's appreciated the invite to school More importantly, students appreciated having their dads eat with them.

Appreciation also goes to teacher and office staff who juggled some activity to accommodate our guests. The last weeks of school continue to be very busy and hosting a large event adds some extra work. Thanks for continuing to deal with all the activity in your efforts to put kids first.

This Week at Central

Monday, June 15

  • Full day of school for Central students
  • Father's day luncheon for Grades 2 & 4.
  • Report cards and comments entered in Synergy by 3 PM
  • Report card printing begins after 3 PM
  • Michelle to get check-out lists to teachers
  • Board of Education Meeting in AMR @ 7 P

Tuesday, June 16

  • Half Day for Central students/Full day for teachers
  • District-wide staff luncheon @ Hahn (12:15 PM)
  • Teacher work day in PM

Wednesday, June 17

  • Full day for Central students
  • Grade 2 to Potter Park Zoo
  • Grade 3 Picnic in the Park
  • Brag Tags for 4th MP distributed to students

Thursday, June 18

  • Last day for Central students (full day)
  • Grade 1 to park (9-11); Grade 4 to park (10:30-12:30)
  • Teacher check-out begins at 4 PM - 5 PM
  • Clap-out for 4th graders from 2:45 - approx. 3:10 PM

Friday, June 19

  • Half day for Teachers
  • Report cards mailed from office
  • Teacher check-out continues

Looking Ahead

Monday, June 22 - Thursday, June 25

  • Office year-end activities

Thursday, June 25

  • Office closes to public at noon for the summer
  • Administration Meeting (9:30 - noon)

  • SID Meeting 1 PM

  • Positive School Climate Goal Meeting 2-2:45 PM -Administrators

Thanks for You!

As we wind down the last weeks of school I want to thank you for all you have done for kids this year. I have had some amazing experiences with teachers and other employees during the evaluation process as goals and dreams have been shared. If I could only bottle those hopes and dream and spread them to all people our world would be a greatly enlightened place. But wait! That's exactly what teachers have been doing all year...bringing a little light into the lives of children. And remember....all of you are teachers through your attitudes, actions and interactions with kids and with each other. Thank you for being an absolutely wonderful staff!

You have worked very hard and now you have some time to reflect, relax, and rejuvenate at your own pace. Enjoy your well-deserved summer break!