Daisy, Tom, and Gatsby


Was a rich girl who had a party where she met Gatsby and fell in love. She didn't know he was poor until after he left. She got tired of waiting for him to come back so she married Tom.


Tom was "old money". He had been born into it. He wanted to marry Daisy because everyone wanted her. He gave her a pearl necklace worth milions and married her.


Gasty was a child from poor farmers. He moved away and saved a rich mans life. He taught him how to act rich. He was in love with daisy and did everything for her. She didn't wait for him so she got married. Later on Gastby made money from bootleg and selling illegal alcohol. He became so rich. Bought a house across the bay. Right across was Daisy's house. He threw crazy parties every weekened. It was all for daisy. He wanted to catch her attention. He did but he ended dying because daisy killed mrytle and Tom told Mrytle's husband Gatsby did it so he killed him at his pool.