Breaking Down the Weather

It is a Wondrous Thing

What is weather?

Weather is the condition of the air around us at all times! The weather is not all ways the same it could rain one day and snow the next. Read this poster to find out more about weather.


Temperature is a big part of weather because it can change the type of precipitation. Also it can change the temperature of the air around us and make it colder or warmer.

Wonderful Wind

Wind is air that moves in different speeds and different direction all around the world .It is what brushes your face in the when you walk outside.

Amazing Air Pressure!

It is air pressure that can make a storm because when there is low pressure it often means bad weather.But when there is high pressure it means good weather.

Fronts and Air Masses

Air mass

A air mass is a big system of low pressure or high pressure that moves west to east. when they collide it forms a front.


A front is the boundary when to air masses meet.There are three types of fronts cold front is when a cold air mass over powers a warm one. A warm front is when a warm front over powers a warm one. stationary front is when no front can over power the other one.


Humidity is the level of water vapor in the air, there is a lot of water vapor in the air when it is moist.

The Water Cycle


Evaporation is when water heats up from the sun and the water turns into water vapor. It floats up into the air and cools down and become clouds.

Cool Condensation

Condensation is when the water vapor cools down and turns in to water droplets and form clouds. when the clouds get heavy the water falls.


Precipitation is what falls from the sky it can fall in many different forms. It can fall in sleet,hail,rain or snow, it can affect your day to day life because it can make it hard to travel or make there no school!

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