Ancient Greece Funk

By: Simine Rahimi

Summer Olympics of 507 B.C: Opidiun Finds Competition

Nuperio Undre and Dean Banks, two new runner athletes, came to the twenty-four lap race(9k) confident, but didn't know they could come up a few seconds short behind Opidiun Legister, the Dolitos event's star runner, pacing at about 6:15.53 a mile. Nuperio ends his race with a time of 35:05, pacing at 6:15.89 a mile, and Dean 35:06, pacing 6:16.07. a mile. For such a challenging event to be completely taken over first shot is astonishing, expecially when it's two newbies! Opidiun will have to train hard to keep ahead of our two new runners.