Dont Go Rootin' For Putin!

By: Kenneth Kirk

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin started his rise to power from the KGB. He served as an officer in the KGB for 16 years, and continued to climb the ranks and eventually rose to the position of Lieutenant Colonel. He retired in 1991 and chose to pursue politics instead. In about 1996 he moved to Moscow and rose quickly to the top of Boris Yeltsin's administration and served as acting president when Yeltsin suddenly resigned in 1999. After that he won the presidential election in 2000 and won re-election in 2004.

Presidential Tenure

Vladimir Putin as President

He has been widely credited for helping Russia gain political and economic stability after the fall of the Soviet Union. Although Putin has seen quite high approval ratings throughout his time as president, many of his domestic choices have been seen by the western world as "Undemocratic".