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January 15, 2016

2015-2016 Membership Registration Deadline is TODAY!

Today, January 15, 2016 is the deadline for your final membership registration to be submitted to the National Office. Thanks to all of you that have registered already.

All membership registration must be submitted online at All students must be paid members of SkillsUSA Michigan by today, January 15, 2016 in order to participate in regional, state and national competitions and/or conferences. If you have any questions/concerns about this deadline, please contact me!

Cold Weather is HERE! Get your Black Jacket now!

Official SkillsUSA Black Jackets by Carhartt are here! Place your order for $77 and receive free personalization. Now included in every order: a free and easy-to-use Black Jacket Cover-up Patch, approved by the national headquarters. To place an order, go to:

SkillsUSA Week is Right Around the Corner

Are you ready to show your Champion Pride? Chapters can order SkillsUSA T-shirts for $12 each with a minimum order of just six T-shirts. To order, contact The creative, unique and one-of-a-kind T-Shirt design captures the energy and excitement of this dedicated week. Feb. 7 will be here before you know it. Be prepared to show your skills with the SkillsUSA Week T-shirt.

Join the SkillsUSA Learning Community

Due to interest in our new Alumni Portal, we are pleased to announce that these resources will now be available to the entire SkillsUSA community. This portal was designed by Cengage Learning to access valuable tools and resources for your personal development. Whether you are a current high-school student, a college student, a teacher or an alumni member, you can find the courses and tools you are looking for. You will receive a discount on all courses (prices shown reflect discount), plus a portion of the proceeds will go towards SkillsUSA initiatives. For more information, go to:

“Finding Safety in Numbers … and Videos”

Welcome to SkillsUSA Champions magazine, Winter 2016 issue! The lesson plan below will help you facilitate activities and discus­sion in the classroom based on the content of the magazine. Students will develop reading comprehension and critical thinking skills; they’ll also be able to practice the skills listed within the SkillsUSA Framework.

The guided reading questions can be given to students prior to their assigned reading or browsing of the magazine. Have students read the article as homework or during class individually, in small groups or aloud as an entire class. Follow up in-class reading with a quick discussion of the article. Finally, use the discussion questions to help students apply the article to their own SkillsUSA experience. Activities are provided for practice and extended learning.

The lesson below focuses on safety in the workplace. After completing the lesson plan, encourage students to create a video demonstrating workplace safety to enter in the CareerSafe’s National Youth Safety Video Contest (full details can be found online at: Students can view the magazine article online at: (Page 7).

Content Discussion Questions

  1. What are some causes of workplace injuries?
  2. What can our SkillsUSA chapter do to promote workplace safety?

In-Class Activity, 30 minutes

(time will vary based on size in class)

Technical Skills: safety and health, understands and follows safety guidelines and expectations

Materials needed: none

Use “Role-Play” from SkillsUSA Accelerate (Pages 60-61). Divide students into small groups of two, three or four. Give these instructions:

  1. One member of each group will role-play the manager of a business.
  2. The other group members will be employees.
  3. Your group will have two minutes to role-play examples of excellent workplace safety and also workplace safety failures.
  4. You have five minutes to prepare.

Have all groups role-play in front of the class. Lead a short discussion following each presentation, then facilitate a discussion after all role-plays by asking questions including the following:
  • Who is responsible for workplace safety?
  • Why is safety and health part of the SkillsUSA Framework?
  • How do you follow safety expectations at home? In school? In SkillsUSA? In the workplace?

Be sure to encourage students to create a video demonstrating workplace safety to enter in the CareerSafe’s National Youth Safety Video Contest.

Extended Learning Activity

Technical Skills: safety and health, understands and follows safety guidelines and expectations

Take a class tour of a local business and have the owner or manager discuss workplace safety training and policies

Calling All Talented Designers!

Feb. 1 is the deadline for entries to the SkillsUSA National Conference Pin and T-shirt Design Challenge. This event is open to all paid student members of SkillsUSA. This is a great way to have a student and advisor from your school recognized. Rules are posted on the SkillsUSA website at: Questions may be directed to Heidi Walsh at 703-737-0615 or by email to