How would you suggest we, as a nation, provide consistent learning opportunities for teachers and ensure that they are not left behind in learning about new techniques and strategies?

We as a nation need to provide more openly sessions for teachers all over who can and will come in and join at least once or twice a month to express their thoughts and ideas on their school and the classroom. On how they can improve and make better. Their need to be more workshop classes face-to-face, or even start some online workshops if there are none started, to help further the minds of the teachers than what they normally have, its not enough. Keep the teachers well rounded about knowledge just as well as we make our students test to see what they know. Let's test our teachers to keep their minds updated like the students. We as teachers also need to come together and stand up for one another whether we are in another country or state, and put all our thoughts and ideas together, because every teacher is trying and wanting to accomplish the same goal when it comes to our students.

Should all teachers across the country use certain practices?

If that is a way for teachers to organize or build their classroom to be a certain way then yes. As long as these practices are going to benefit the student in the present and prepare them for the future. Something that is not going to hinder or harm them from succeeding in life in whatever they decide to do dealing with decision making, whether if they are in the classroom or outside of it.

If so, what would those be?

  • Includes entire Standard Course of Study (SCS)
  • Based on best knowledge of how children develop and learn (NASBE)
  • Prepares students for success in school and in life (NCLB/NCDPI)
  • Provides a curriculum that Is rigorous, relevant and promotes relationships (NCSBE)
  • Create active participants rather then passive observers
  • Provide active learning activities
  • Allow students to use their entire brain

Should there be a consistent standard for all teachers to meet, just as students must pass high stakes tests?

Yes, there should be a consistent standard for all teachers to meet, because that's just like putting gas in your car and instead of filling it up while you have the money to fill it up you only put it at just half of a tank. That's call short changing a kids learning ability and encouragement to want to learn. If a teacher starts their classroom off strong then finish the race first strong.

If so, what would be the standard?

  • To stay focus when the student is not
  • Encouragement, Motivation, Determination
  • Engage and respond to students
  • Employ a liberal education
  • Grow professionally
  • Organize a classroom or several
  • Engage parents and the community

Lastly, share your thoughts on how well teachers are being prepared to master the NETS-T standards in their classrooms.

The one who says it best would be Linda-Darling Hammond she states,

"8. What does the research say about the relationship of well-prepared teachers to the length of time teachers stay in the profession?

An interesting and little-known fact is that the better prepared teachers are, the longer they're likely to stay in teaching and the more likely they are actually to enter teaching. So, teachers who are coming through these new five-year teacher-education models that give a bachelor's degree in a content area, plus a master's in teaching and a full year of student teaching are very rigorous and very tightly coupled, often with the training in a professional development school. A very high rate of these folks go into teaching and stay. Usually, more than 90 percent enter the profession, and of those, about 90 percent are still there several years later.

Those who come through the shorter summertime "learn-to-teach" routes leave at much higher rates -- for example, 70 percent are gone within three years -- that it's actually less expensive to train a teacher more thoroughly on the front end than it is to continually replace teachers who come in and out with very little preparation. The reason is kind of obvious for anyone who's been in classrooms for any length of time: Teaching is really hard"(2001).

That's just like teachers being prepared for the NETS-T are they prepared or not? Some of them are and some of them aren't. From my stand point I think that those that has a passion to do this job and wants it just as bad as the students does then yes they are well prepared and more organized about the NETS-T. And those that wants nothing more than just a paycheck or maybe have a little working knowledge about, then yes that's what they have just a little working knowledge that will get them by.