Things about me

By: Jasmine marie Carrillo

About me

Once again my name is Jasmine; I'm 15 I was born at Methodist hospital in Duncanville on July 11,2000.

About me

  • Hobbies: I read, sleep and watch netflix.
  • Favorite subject: chemistry Worst subject: Geometry
  • Personality :Hyper , energetic, and loud .I talk alot and am nice for the most part .
  • My mom is my role model
  • My favorite foods are Spaghetti and four cheese ravioli and cinnamon rolls .
  • Plans after high school : to be come a nurse or traveling nurse .
  • Favorite music group/singer : twenty one pilots and Melanie Martinez .
  • Favorite songs: Fall away and Dead to me
  • Favorite movie: P.s. I love you
  • Favorite actress :Angelina Jolie
  • Favorite place to eat: Taco casa
  • I've been to orlando ,Florida, monterrey ,Mexico and Houston, Texas
  • Favorite sports: Volleyball, Basketball , track .
  • Favorite colors : Pink,Marron and black .
  • I sleep for fun .

My Family

I have two brother and one sister . My mom's name is Elizabeth shes amazing and very fun to be around. We have one dog her name is Jubliee who is basically family , shes is really hyper.