Practice Your Happy

The Coliseum Update

In This Update:

  1. Practice Your Happy: 25 Ways to be 40% Happier
  2. Triathlon Training Is On! Group Swim This Week
  3. 5 ON 5 Finish Strong!
  4. Coliseum Services: Chose Your Onsite Therapy
  5. Monday Motivation

Practice Your Happy

We can clap along with Pharrelle all day and sing about being happy, but some days we just ain't feelin' it. You have most likely turned the station at least once when you heard it because you just were not in the mood...

And that's OK, it's normal to work thru emotions and taking adequate time to process them. However, It's not OK to stay in a bad place. Downward spirals gain momentum as you keep the negative dark ones in park. So, besides singing a jingle or two, what other practical things can we do to keep happiness alive?

Glad you asked. Below is a link to 25 ways to be 40% happier. It's always good to pick up a point or two...

3 Quick Notables:

  • Aim for equal parts of pleasure and purpose. That's so key because a tricky deceptive part on being human is the idea that pleasure = happiness, and it also trumps purpose. Not true. Deeper purpose brings happiness, not the other way around. Likewise, happiness is not the same as contentment or joy. They do go hand in hand yes, but joy is heart smile more than a face smile. It's possible to be content and be working thru an unhappy place at the same time.
  • Be a fair weather facebooker. Social media can effect our moods. And those who are parents of teens, you know what we mean. Try taking a step back from checking it all the time and see if youI feel a little more energized.
  • "Neuroscientists say viewing natural settings make us more energized, generous, and ecstatic, likely because we evolved to enjoy natural resources." Get your dose of Vitamin G- for green, and kick in Outdoorphins. Also, people who sweat for 20 minutes a day are 85% happier than people who don't.

So next time you hear Pharrelle sing about being happy, put a plan to that idea by doing something today and practice your happy!

Get Your Tri Training On!

Thank you to the presenters who gave us solid instruction and Tri tips during our Transition Workshop. We spent adequate time talking about the swim aspect. Thank you Tara Freiberger! Attached are her notes!

Tri suits: · Try on sizes at Endurance House (it’s close), between now and Thursday at 2pm, and place your order there. Simply let them know you are with JH and need to get fitted for your triathlon. They are great to work with! Go over with a group at lunch time!

  • You can chose from a top, a bottom, both or a one piece. See pics below.
  • They need a 50% deposit at the time of the order, and then the remaining balance is charged when the order is picked up (estimated time -on or before September 19th).
  • Pricing is below for both Men and Women:
  • Elite Singlet - $73
  • Elite Short - $83
  • Comp Singlet - $63
  • Comp Short - $68
  • Tri suit - $115

We shall be one fantastic looking bunch!

Group Swim Practice:

Feel free to join us at Sunset Cove – Lanier Islands, where the Tri is taking place, on any of the following 6 Tuesday’s at 7pm:

  • July 29th, August 5th, August 12th, August 19th, September 9th and September 16th.
  • Sand volleyball afterward!
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5 ON 5 Finish Strong!

You have been planning the work and working the plan for several weeks, and it's paying off! You have been laying down positive life habits that will last a lifetime. It's not just about a decrease in body fat, but about obtaining a higher quality of life!

Tally up your points and team leaders get ready to collect your team points to email the Coliseum next week.

Therapy Happens Here

The Coliseum is not just a health club, it's therapy.

Stress reduction, physical training, group training, health and friendships, massage therapy, stretch therapy, mental release, increased energy, chiropractic care, cosmetic therapy and a strengthening ora are all present down here!

Your potential is our passion!

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Monday Motivation

"The harder you work, the luckier you get."

~ Gary Playe
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