Realistic Fiction-

Just dealing with life...and all its drama.

Just Reality...

Want to read something that seems a little too possible? Like it could definitely happen to you? Realistic fiction is the place to start.

Teen Book Lists-

Not sure about what to read? Need some ideas to help you get started? The Teen Book Lists binder is a great place to start! Located in the fiction section of the library, it has lots of lists from many genres. Looking for a list of books not included in the binder? Let us know and we can put one together for you.
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On the Come Up-

High school students DeMarco and Kyle couldn't be more different, but each seems to have what the other wants. And on a rough night in the 'hood, it's suddenly unclear whether there's enough room on the streets for both of them.
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Work What You Got-

Depicts the lives of a college sophomore girl and her three roommates, who each find sorority life a challenge to their ethics and morality. As each girl follows separate paths, they must find a way to maintain their friendship.
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All We Know of Heaven-

Sixteen-year-old best friends Maureen and Bridget are in a terrible accident where Bridget dies and is incorrectly identified as Maureen; but when Maureen recovers, she must deal with the repercussions of the accident as well as the loss of her best friend.