Friday Notes for LMS Staff

February 2, 2018

Link to Lion Share (Parent Newsletter)

Binder check for Wednesday, February 7 Science

Upcoming Meetings:

Monday, February 6 : Leadership Meeting

Wednesday, February 7: Honor Roll Breakfast in the cafe- this replaces our staff meeting

Work It Wednesday: Debrief with Spannagel for everyone

NPSF- Free Money!


Again this spring, NPSF plans to award our teachers up to $100,000 in grants!

This is a great opportunity to apply for grants up to $1,000!

The application process is easy, so write your grant for an innovative classroom activity today!

Access the applications through the NPS or NPSF websites. or

Spring 2018 grants are due Monday, February 12, 2018 by 4:00pm

Library Conference Room

If you are needing the library conference room, please make sure to reserve it with Barker to help eliminate conflicts.


We will be conducting another PRIDE Card random drawing the week of February 14. Students will be given a ticket by teachers when there is a random announcement over the intercom. Please make sure you only give to students that have their PRIDE cards around their necks.

Marzano Action Steps

Just a reminder that if you have not, please adjust your Marzano action steps to in progress.