Abuelito's Casa

Tex-Mex food

Grand Opening Coming Soon

Come to the Grand Opening of Abuelito's Casa's Mexican Restaurant!

When: April 25 @ Noon

'It's a great way to have a night out with the family!'



Soups and Salads

House Salad

Original House Salad wit your choice of dressing


Corn Soup

3 different types of corn with special seasoning made into a soup


Main Entrees

Chicken and Cheese Enchalada

Tortillas filled with chicken and cheese


Bean and Cheese burrito

Tortilla filled with refried beans and cheese


Fish and Shrimp Tacos

Corn tortillas filled with Shrimp and Fish with cheese


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Side Items

Mexican Rice

Seasoned rice mixed with veggies


Refried Beans

Side of refriend beans


Mexican Style Corn

Seasoned Mixture of Corn


Drink Selections







-Ice Cream