Columbian Exchange votes

By: Connor Lewis

What is the Columbian exchange

The Columbian Exchange happened when Christopher Columbus sailed to north America thinking it was Indea. He brought over diseases and many different foods and animals to America and Europe.

Three positives of the Columbian Exchange.

Christopher Columbus brought over apples and other foods such as cattle and sheep. This is good because without sheep and cattle then the ecosystems would become unbalanced.

The second reason it is positive is that without the Europeans coming to America we English speaking people wouldn't be here because without the french and the native Americans we wouldn't be here today.

The third reason that the Columbian Exchange is good is because it brought us grey squirrels it's fun to hunt them. Also fun to eat them.

Three negatives of the Columbian Exchange.

The Exchange did bring disease to us that we had no cure to. This is negative because would you want to die by a mysterious disease.

Another negative of the Exchange is that it brought over things such as potatoes which seem good but ended up killing the Irish when they ran out of them.(not all)

One more negative is that the natives wound up changing religions.



You should vote for the Exchange because the Exchange gave us cattle sheep and life!
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