The Final Solution

Concentration Camps

Concentration Camp Life

Concentration Camps played a central role in Adolf Hitlers "Final Solution". They were the last destination for Jews who were rounded up in ghettos and transported to the prisons. Once arrived, Jewish woman, children and men were separated, uniformed in thin striped jumpsuits that did not protect against the cold and given an identification number. Life in a concentration camp was brutal. Jews were forced to do labor all day while being barely fed, not even enough to survive off of, many prisoners died of starvation. Jews would be lined up weekly and inspected by SS soldiers to determine if they were healthy enough to remain working, If not, they were sent to the gas chamber to be exterminated. Guards did not treat prisoners well, they were allowed to beat, kill, or tortured any prisoner without reason. Barracks for prisoners were constructed of wood and bedded with hay. Jews were over stuffed into the barracks and literally stacked on top of each other, causing sickness to spread quickly and death by suffocation.
This is video contains footage from 1945 that shows an actual concentration camp in operation. It provides a good visual of what an average functioning camp would look like.