Pourquoi Storytelling Program

a program created for the classroom

What is the Pourquoi Storytelling Program?

The Pourquoi Storytelling Program is a FREE 30-40 minute classroom program in which students will listen to pourquoi tales from a variety of cultures, compare and contrast the stories they hear, and expand their understanding of the diversity of pourquoi tales.

It is ideal for students learning about pourquoi tales in class and for students who will be writing their own pourquoi tales.

Additional Information

This program is designed for 1-2 classrooms.

Teachers and classroom aides are asked to stay in the classroom during the program to moderate student behavior.

Students will complete a feedback form at the end of the program, and teachers will be emailed a feedback form a week after the program.

If you require any accommodations, please inform Becky at time of scheduling.

How do I schedule the Pourquoi Storytelling Program for my classroom?

Contact Becky at proier@einetwork.net at least two weeks in advance. Planning does need to work around the library's schedule, so as much notice as possible is appreciated to make scheduling your program a smooth process.