SASHS Prepares 4 Digital Conversion

Meeting the needs of individual students through technology

What is Digital Conversion?

Students begin to use a technology tool to become more involved in their learning. Students begin to transition from being consumers of knowledge to producers of knowledge and learning.

Who can use the Chromebook?

The SASHS Students are to use the Chromebook. They are to be viewed as an instructional tool, not an entertainment tool.

What students will receive chromebooks and when?

SASHS will pilot the 1:1 Chromebooks with Mrs. Lawrence, Mr. Gulnac's, Mrs. Topper, and Mr. Tornow's classes for the 2018 spring semester. The entire SASHS student body will receive their chromebooks over the summer during an orientation.

What happens if a chromebook is lost, stolen or broken?

Chromebooks will be distributed with a very secure case and students will be instructed on how to properly care for the device.

Students will not be responsible for a stolen chromebook, provided they turn in a police report.

Students will be responsible for the loss or damage caused by dropping it, spilling something on it, etc.

What happens if I forget to charge my chromebook?

Students should charge their Chromebook every night. Most students are very responsible in making sure they charge their cell phones, so we are confident our students can be just as diligent in keeping their chromebooks charged. We will have charging stations located throughout the school, but having the chromebook charged is just like other assignments students need to complete in order to be prepared for the school day!

Does a Chromebook require Internet access?

Yes, although Chromebooks do have some limited "offline" capabilities. They generally required Wi-Fi and Internet Access for most of their functions.

What happens if my child does not have internet access?

There are several places around the community that have free WiFi: McDonald's, Shippensburg Public Library,

Comcast also offers : asjdlfjasldfkjl

How do we learn as parents about the chromebook?

Wednesday, Feb. 28th, 7pm

High School Auditorium

For the pilot group- we will be having a Parent Orientation so you are familiar with the pilot program.

For Fall 2018 rollout- All students and parents will attend a Chromebook Orientation during the summer to get their chromebook.