Effective Communication

10 principles of effective communication


One way to have effective communication is to listen to the ideas or comments people in your group have about the conversation or project you are trying to do.


Participation is important to have effective communication because if no one, or just one person is talking or doing the work, then whoever isn't participating is not communicating well and not being able to express what they think of the topic.

Speak to others in your group

Speaking to others in your group will help you be able to express what you think and what you should do to solve or do the experiment.

Be patient with others

Don't try to make others rush to speak, or to hurry them to finish the work because if you do that, you could even mess up and not do it right or even complete it.

Be respectful

Let others talk and explain what they think about the problem you are discussing. Don't talk over them because it would be disrespectful to them.

Be open to whoever you are talking to

Talk freely to the people in your group and be open to what you think about the topic. Don't keep your ideas/thoughts to yourself because they could even be help to the problem.


Creativity might seem strange to have effective communication, but you can build better relationship with a person. BY being creative you could have fun, and share ideas about your project/problem.

Be kind

You have to be nice to others when they are speaking because they are trying to share with you what ideas they have.

Ask questions

Ask questions about what you are doing because you don't want to not know what is happening and not understand how to do it.

Stay on task

Be able to stay on task and don't let others do all the work because in that way, you won't be able to know what is going on because you won't be able to communicate with the people you have to work with.
10 Principles Of Effective Communication In 21st Century(Communication skills)