Weekly RoaR!

Week ending December 19, 2014

Happy Birthday to YOU!

Dec. 21 - Linda Legg

Dec. 30 - Candy Reynolds

Dec. 31 - Rhonda Henderson

January 2 - Megan Bodmann

January 5 - Dawn Mesnard; Chris White; Nan Jones

January 6 - Diane Hite

Dates to Remember

Dec. 20 to Jan. 4 - Winter Break!!

Jan. 7 - Way to Go Wednesday at 3 PM

Jan. 8 - Morris Brothers - 8:15 AM K-2, 9:15 AM 3-4

Jan. 9 - 4th grade travel to Austin with Education in Action

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Way to Go Wednesday Agenda - 1.7.15

3:00 - Patrick to talk about The Great Computer Switcheroo

3:10 - Ian Halperin to talk about school safety and procedures

3:30 - Grit Talk

3:45 - iStation Preview

ACTION REQUIRED: Dyslexia Training for all Classroom Teachers

In lieu of showing you a video during our WTG Wednesday or calling a 2nd January meeting, we have decided to flip this portion of the training.

Please watch this video.

Then, fill out this survey to confirm that you have watched the training video.

Please do this by FRIDAY, JANUARY 16TH.

At that point, this training will self-destruct and you will be required to take a 2-hour after school training, instead. Okay, not really. I'll just be annoyed that I have to hunt you down and ask you to watch a four and a half minute video and answer a handful of questions.

Reminder: Wylie Education Foundation is accepting your proposals!

Fill in the blanks.

"Ugh. It would be so nice if I had __________________ to teach this lesson!"

"Ooo. I heard that Teacher has ____________________ on his/her campus. Wish I had that.

"I saw this thing on a blog that I'd like to do with my kids, but I would hate to spend my money on _____________."

"Bah. Out of budget money, but I really need _______________."

Well, the WEF can help these dreams come true! Take a moment to think about what you would like to have or really need for your classroom, and then, ask for it!

Here is the link to fill out your proposal(s). Remember, you paid this money, so just take it back. ;0)

We hope you all have a fun, safe, family-filled, relaxing break! We'll see you in 2015!

Merry Christmas!